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New retro action-platformer is coming to the iOS platform! Fast-paced action, gun with your hands, 80 levels to master, hundreds of enemies to kill and thousands traps to avoid! Everything is packed with retro style and responsive controls!

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If you like retro style and already have an iPhone or iPod touch, search no further! Here it is - pure arcade platformer with 8-bit 'atarish' look.

Just let see that teaser/trailer:

Also available at videos section...

Post your thoughts if you like it, more news will come soon! Game will come to the AppStore later this September!

nlr - - 41 comments

Looks great! Are the enemies ghosts? or do you control them all at once?

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vashpan Author
vashpan - - 4 comments

This is capture from replays - so yes, they are ghosts.

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Moonloop - - 16 comments

Sorry dude, you did a good work but I just hate when someone rip-off another indie developer. Can't you be more original in your sprite\graphics style? You're ripping off Star Guard completely and you're doing it on purpose....

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vashpan Author
vashpan - - 4 comments

Hey! I've already admit here and there that Star Guard was one of my inspirations where comes to gfx style. So it is not a secret! It is common in gamedev industry that we "borrow" ideas from each other, then expand and rebuild them. I love Star Guard, and I wanted to create something bigger, with quite different 'fast paced' gameplay, and mobile - to play on the go. I haven't rip any of the sprites - but of course, there is not many options of "pixel placement" on such small "pixel-zoom" level, so similarities can't be avoided. Especially with similar background or tile color. For example I've experimented with different 'ground' style - but everything leads to conclusion that plain yellow is the best, etc....

As I said - I love Star Guard, and I'm grateful for this inspiration! Don't judge from gfx style only and from game type - gameplay is different! I've hope you will see it soon ;)

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