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Commander is the tower defense of your dreams and the next game setup for Alpha Funding!

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Commander is a stylish and lovely tower defense made with passion and care to bring an epic experience to 8-bit era enthusiasts. Beyond the visuals and the gorgeous classical music, Commander is a breakthrough in the genre with an innovative game mechanism that let you modify the path taken by the enemies, bringing more strategy and fun than ever. Commander is a fast-paced tower defense set in a distant future where evil aliens are trying to annihilate the human race by throwing asteroids at their colonies! As the commander, you must strategically place turrets on the battlefield to protect the capital of each colony. You will buy, upgrade and sell turrets as in any other tower defense game but you will also be able to drive spaceships, blow up planets and do all sort of crazy things to help you save the world. What do you want more? Lasers, missiles, particle effects, nice classical music, retro sound effects, cute colorful pixels and a lot of fun!


Enjoy Commander and many other great games on Desura.

ShrikeGFX - - 331 comments

looks promising

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gazornonplat - - 388 comments

Looks very neat. Possible Linux release? :3

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ephemeregames - - 23 comments

@ShrikeFGX: Thank you!
@gazornonplat: It's on my wish list. The game is made with XNA and MonoGame could be the solution. For now I'm focusing on the gameplay but I'm thinking about it ;)

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