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I am working on making Resource Packs, these will be Concise and they will be FIXED Versions.

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Resource Packs of TW/KW/TT/RA3*/UR*

For definite, we are going to be compressing the Resources of TW/KW/TT into RAR format.

We note that current resource packs lack full function and/or are 'header-only' packs.

We may move onto compressing RA3 and RA3UR, but not yet.

Why are we doing this?

Current packs available are not as full as they need to be; which, for any rookie, is a nightmare and too daunting a task to tackle and most MOD's are not getting off the ground because of this.

I speak from experience, Command & Conquer 5 Return Of The Scrin nearly didn't make it.

Between a lack of tools and resources, a lot of MOD's (some with great concepts) are not seeing past 2-5 weeks.

Some sites such as PPMSite are not easy to navigate or have inconsistencies due to posts only containing a limited number of Units/Structures/Props.

How are we going to do this differently?

We are going to post the Resource Packs by Alphabetical order.

Each RAR Format file will contain Items relevant by Prefix-ID.

In Example: AB would be likely to be first, meaning Alien Buildings, this would contain folders for each Structure.

Each Faction has their own tree and they are segmented into B/P/R/U

B = Buildings
P = Props

R = Roads

U = Units

FX comes separately and is of its own because all FX items are used by everything else.

Easier to have everything point at the FX Folder, than have multiple versions of the Files.

The Factions are as follows:

A = Alien (TW/KW/TT)

B = British (Used for Civilian items in TW/KW/TT, but CCS items in the CnC5RS MOD)

C = Civilian (Used for Tech Items and other Civilian Items not area specific)


M = Mutant (TW/KW and the Forgotten MOD)


U = United Nations (CnC5RS MOD only, however area specific items of UK, mostly Roads, are TW/KW/TT)

Other area Specific items include Egypt, DC and Italy.

TI comes separately as this means Tiberium (TW/KW and CnC5RS MOD)/Tiberian (TT and CnC5RS MOD)

When are we likely to be done?

Quick answer, no idea (how long's a piece of string)

Long version, could take about a month for each, or about a year.

As my online hours are not great, I Don't Know, but it's going to be done as I need to sort out my Hard Drive anyway (just part of the process).

Please note: A Format Tree should be provided at some point and each Segment will be release separately as file sizes can reach up to 12GB in total (give or take 2GB a side).

Also note: Only TW/KW/TT/RA3/UR non-MOD Resources will be shared. Items belonging to MOD's are not our responsibility.

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