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Two years have passed since the second Great War. The GTVA is now a shadow of its former self as it attempts to return to the freedom and life it once enjoyed before encountering the Shivans.

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Two years have passed since the destruction of the Capella star, two years since both Terran and Vasudan
peoples almost lost their homes, their worlds, their empires.
For two hard years the Capella refugees struggled to find a place to call home, GTVA command decided to
explore the Jump Node that led from Altair - a Node they had never been through before. Luckly they found seven worlds that they gave to the Capella refugees, the new system was designated as Orion.

Two years have passed since we stopped the Shivan advance in the Capella system. Since then the GTVA has had the long and hard task of relocating the Capella refugees as well as dealing with the economic factors of the war.The fleet is a mere shadow of its former self and is mainly acting as a police force due to reduced strength. We are no longer the fit and strong fighting force we once were.

The Orion system is located beyond the newly discovered jump node in Altair. It holds seven M class planets and a jump node leading out of the system that is as yet unexplored.One year ago, GTVA Command ordered the system to be explored. Since then the system has been colonized by the Capellan refugees.

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