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These are some coming changes i am thinking of doing to the mod

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I think I'll stick with the Defcon map for the moment. Maybe graphically upgrade it whilst keeping the same shape. I'm having an issue in that as soon as I start editing player positions, the cities disappear can anyone help me with this?

I don't think Russia is as powerful as it used to be, and I'm trying to get away from a USA vs Russia Cold War scenario. I think Russia is very fragmented. I don't think in places like Chechnya the Russians could ever place safe military bases in use for a international war. These areas are warzones with the Islamic insurgency and Russia cannot really hold them. So I am decreasing the size of Russia a lot, but also Europe.

Unfortunately all the sides must be equal in number of nukes etc. My aim however is for the power to be divided like this:
USA most powerful followed by
The Middle East
African Union

Except it is very difficult to work out how powerful a nation is with AI. So I will be releasing a beta soon for you to play around with.

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