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Colorful and exciting game from a budding developer. If you like bright colors and want a little distraction, then you here :)

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Bright and colorful. Simple, but interesting. If you are tired of the dullness of everyday life, the variety of colors and shades of this game will not let you get bored.
At the bottom of the playing field are the colors you need to find in this enchanting mess. When you find all the necessary colors - you go to the next level. Each new level - plus a new color. In the classic mode, at the top of the screen is a bar showing how much time you have left. While in Zen mode nothing will disturb your peace.

*How to play*
- In the boxes at the bottom of the screen are the right colors
- Click on the right colors to gain points and open new colors
- "The faster the better!" The account multiplier decreases with time. If you want to score the maximum number of points, you'll have to hurry.
- In the classics, time is limited by a strip from above. Pressing the desired colors and passing the levels will give you a little more time.
- In Zen mode, you have nowhere to rush, but you still need not make mistakes.
- If you click on the wrong color or after the time bar expires, the game ends.

The game is planned to add:
- At least 3 more game modes
- Google Play Leaderboard
- Google Play Achievements
- MORE colors
- MORE shades

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