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Aerial View

Deep within the Nevada desert is a secretive military installation housing some of the most modern aircraft, weapons, and possibly aliens? This map was created by bunglist, and was released on Facepunch a few days ago. This is definitely worth taking a gander at.About the Map:

I took the idea for the basic layout from the "real" Area 51 in the Nevada desert using Google Maps (so secret it's on satellite view!) and from various websites dedicated to the base. Intended as a sandbox build map with something for everybody and designed for long-term use on busy servers, after 6 months of development and many betas tested by Bunglist Build regulars (thanks guys!) we are ready to release this map to the public. Now available for download now is a "Release Candidate" version, any problems discovered in this version will be fixed before the final release, which will be posted here when it is done. If you want to see map now the latest version is up on our server, drop in and have a look around!


  • Does not require any additional games - no need for HL2 Episode 1, Episode 2 or CounterStrike Source
  • All hangars and popular build zones are Area Portalled for reduced-lag building
  • 3D skybox, maximum Hammer size and 16th scale
  • Optimized using every technique covered on the Source SDK developer wiki (compiles in about 10 minutes)
  • High security Admin room
  • Large open spaces for vehicles and large contraptions
  • Huge sky - great for planes, even big enough for Spacebuild ships to fly around
  • Three hangars with closing doors and area portals for private, lag-free building
  • Pool hangar - the pool can be emptied and refilled
  • Missile silo with concealed launch bay doors, control room and booster pads for "helping" things into the sky
  • Massive underground reservoir with shipbuilding jetties and ramps
  • Shooting range with, respawning barrel targets, mounted guns and an NPC battle with a Strider, Combine soldiers, manhacks and antlions
  • And Many more things you have to see!

Check out the Forum
Don't forget to take a look at GM_Area51's Website for more pictures and information!


Half-Life: Real Life Consequences

Half-Life: Real Life Consequences

Half-Life: Real Life Consequences is a fan-made live action remake of the hugely successful GMod videoHalf-Life: Full Life Consequences. It includes a real-life take on the famous “ragdoll spazzing out” technique, and zombie goasts.


gms_underworld is a rather impressive map by nVidia. It features some rather amazing displacements, brilliant ambient sounds, and a rather nice atmosphere. This map is obviously for the "Stranded" gamemode, but it makes a nice map to just have a quick explore of, and make some nice poses on. Whilst there isn't much to explore in this map, neither is it that big, it will make you go "Wow".

gmsunderworld0001 gmsunderworld0003 gmsunderworld0010

If you like the map, go to the thread and tell him you do. Download: If you like this map, check out nVidias others, gms_affection, which is a large, environment map, and gm_submarine, which has a deep lake which leads to a cavern.

Teaser for "Ghosts", a music video for "Humanity's Fate"

...which will be released sometime around December 21th, two years before the supposed apocalypse.

Some of you might remember the music video "Humanity's Fate", released months ago. Ghosts follows the same principle, but with a linear story which connects all nine songs. It has little to no dialogue: only small voiceovers at the beginning and the end.

The trailer might seem minimalistic to you, but that's so you can't get spoiled. Oh, and I'm publishing some rejected concepts (one so far, actually) on my YouTube channel, such as this one, which got me nowhere thanks to Garry's Mod directing limitations when you're a one-man army:

So far, it's an interesting experience, and I look forward your opinions/suggestions on it. The project's website is located here.

Walk On Water

A script created by forum member JSharpe. As you'd expect, it allows you to freely walk across water!

Walk on water

• The script is toggled by using the command walkOnWater 1/0 to turn it on/off.
• Features a special effect when walking on waterDownload:
Be sure to visit the forum thread and give JSharpe your feedback!

Gamemode Coding Contest: Art!

Although it's been rolling along for a while now, take a look at the current open-ended theme, art!

The current prize at time of posting is 50 pounds (roughly $80) worth of Steam games fromJSharpe, so come take a crack at it or support the coders.

As of the time of posting, we have a five gamemodes announced.

Grand Theft Painting
, in which the goal is steal the painting from the player who has it.

Ready Steady Art
, where you draw your own soldiers.

Art of Flight
, team deathmatch between paintings.

Paint World
, which is like the love child between Melon Racer, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Paint Ball
, where the goal is to cover your enemies in paint by shooting parts of their bodies, and reaching 100% coverage converts them to your team.

See the gamemodes and their progress here and discuss the contest here. Expect a wrap-up thread once the contest reaches the last bend.

Some Website Updates has had some recent changes over the past few days.First off, one of the things people may consider to be the most important update is the implementation of a half-decent news submission system which you can find here or using the "Submit News" link at the top of the page. Some may remember the one that was being used for about a week was just canned because it was highly inefficient.The second major change is the addition of a random header image rotation system. Every time you visit a page on this website, the image at the top of the site will look different.Heck, check it out in action below:

And we're looking for images that can be put in the header! Simply register at the forums if you haven't done so already, and post your image in this forum thread.

The Leet World Episode 14: Army of One Part 2 (The Final Episode!)

The series finale for The Leet World has just been released. Smooth Few Films has said there will be no more Leet World after this.To read more on this episode and see what they have to say about it and other things, check out this post on their blog.And as usual, go here to get out their premiere page and go here to visit their main site.Let's see what new machinimas Smooth Few Films comes out with now that they've moved on from The Leet World!

Walt Garry World Project Preview

Imagine...Your favorite Disney Theme park with more interaction, recreated in Garry's Mod. The ability to design your own car, take a picture and most importantly, the option to change things. The possibilities of the project are endless. If something doesn't fit the tastes of the team or the community, it's open for adjustments.The first preview of the project, with all information straight from Zuimzado, the project leader.

What is the Walt Garry World Project?
• The project has very ambitious goals. We hope to bring the whole community together and create the definitive version of Walt Disney World or Disneyland resort on Garry's Mod that will be enjoyable to play both singleplayer and multiplayer. We're including new options that will obviously only be available in-game.How will it be organized?
• A large map will end up being laggy or/and won't even be playable. We're dividing the map into sections.

Main Street Logo

Main Street is the entrance to the park. It's based on the city where Walt Disney lived during his childhood.• Flag Square
• Garry's Mod Gallery (Visit the gallery to view pictures of the project during the time it was a WIP, plus concept art of what it is to come!)
• Great Moments with Mr.??? (The first attraction in Main Street is an animatronic show where you will meet a mysterious man who tells you the story of the project. The man's name will be chosen randomly from the contributors.)
• Railroad

Frontierland Logo

Frontierland Welcome to Frontierland - the great American West. You're headed West to stake your claim within the vast, uncharted territory of fun.• Big Thunder Mountain
• Splash Mountain
• Tom Sawyer's Island

Adventureland Logo

Adventureland Take an expedition to exotic, far away places and let curiosity be your guide. From Africa to Asia, the lush, tropical islands of the South Pacific to the Caribbean, you're on a hunt for hidden Disney treasures and ancient fables you've only dreamed of.• Indiana Jones Adventure
• Pirates of the Caribbean
• Enchanted Tiki Room

And a whole lot more to look forward to!

What are the future plans for the project, after completion?
• Possible updates which will include new rides and thing such as Holiday/Halloween overlays.Who's the team currently involved with project?
Zuimzado - Project Leader, Public Relations, Sound Manager
Zambies - Lead Coder
Props - Lead Mapper
Rickety - Mapper
Fhenexx - Mapper
Vince - Mapper
Gaybacon - Sub-Leader and Main Modeler
Aigik - Modeler
Johnny - Mapper/Modeler
Best4Bond - Textures
Scorchman - Media
tj0223 - Research
joe414 - ResearchAre you looking for any more team members?
Yes, actually. We're currently looking for:
• Mappers
• Modelers/Texture creators
• If you're interested in a position, please contact Zuimzado on the forums.

Media (WIP preview images):(Click an image to view a larger version)

Train Station ReferenceStation Picture 1 Station Picture 2Station Picture 3

Zuimzado: "Our mappers didn't want to reveal the maps in their current state. They are using dev textures currently. More on the maps will come in the future."

Make sure you visit the forum thread for more project information. Remember to tell the project team what you think of this exciting and ambitious project and of course keep an eye out for more WIP screenshots, straight from the project team!Follow the project on Twitter for news and updates!
Join the Steam Community GroupInsurgency SWEPs14 Comments »mm3guy Releases, SWEP Releases September 20th, 2009These

Insurgency SWEPs-by Wizey! (who also made the SiN Emergence SWEPs) are all of the guns from the mod Insurgency in SWEP form. Primary fire shoots the gun, and holding your USE key (usually E) while using primary fire will holster the weapon. Secondary fire on a gun uses the ironsights. It's recommended you turn off Motion Blur in Advanced Graphics Settings if you want to use the ironsights.When using a grenade, primary fire throws it and secondary fire rolls it. Holding the reload key and then using primary or secondary fire "cooks" the grenade. Don't do this for too long or you'll kill yourself! Here's a complete list of what guns this pack has:
  • Ak-47
  • M16A4
  • M4 With Sopmod
  • M4 With Scope
  • M249
  • Fn-Fal
  • Makarov
  • M9
  • Sks
  • M67 Grenade
  • RGD-5 Grenade
  • M14 Sniper Rifle
  • RPK
  • TOZ
  • M1014
  • AKS-74U
  • Le-Enfield/L42A1
  • Working Scopes
  • SVD/Dragunov
  • Cookable Grenades

Download it here:

Check out the forum thread for more information or to get support from the author.


the underground area 51 looks fantastic
as well does the second picture of gms_underworld (the rest of those do look less fantastic odly enough)

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LOL, area 51 ... sounds nice! *downloading* xD

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It'll be nice to have disneyworld come to Garry's Mod. The idea of it reminds me of my earlier childhood...

The Area 51 map looks interesting, so long there are aliens I am willing to give it a download.

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its gmod after all :p if there are no aliens, add them xP

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Wow, I hope the Disneyworld project succeeds very well.

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