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Information regarding the differences between the beta and full versions of CW, and more.

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  • Hello guys!
  • I'm here to tell you the main changes that has happend between the beta and the full release excluding the weapons, maps and gametypes:
  • 1. The DSR-50 has gotten a model upgrade. The ACOG is now further forward and the bolt now actually moves.
  • 2. The ARX-160 is removed and replaced with the SA-805.
  • 3. All AR's have the Hybrid Sight (BO2 guns have the BO2 Hybrid, and the MW3 and Ghosts guns have the MW3 hybrid.)
  • 4. The LMG's now have the MW3 hybrid sight instead of the ACOG scopes.
  • 5. Due to issues with Nuketown, the customization file for the map (Which would normally allow you to customize which teams fight on it) has been removed.
  • 6. The MW3 AK47 and Ghosts Vector CRB now have their original firing sounds. (They had placeholders in the beta.)
  • 7. *NEW* The bots have been upgraded. The bots will now be frozen in the pre-match time and at the end of matches. They will also use Snipers and Pistols.
  • And much more.

  • As of yet, the mod will be downloadable in 2 versions.
  • 1. Call of Duty: Combined Warfare - Standard Edition (Mod only) = Around 300-350mb
  • The standard version will be available on Moddb.
  • 2. Call of Duty: Combined Warfare - Complete Collection (Mod and playable maps) = Around 1.5-2gb
  • The Complete Collection will be available on (Some might complain that Mega is not a good site but it's the best option i got. I cannot have both versions of CW on Dropbox.)
  • There is also much more planned for the mod like more gametypes, more maps and possibly, more features.
  • I am planning on optimizing and finishing the mod up in the next couple of days. I am making NO promises, but HOPEFULLY it will be released this weekend.
  • Also, you might wonder where the credits and such are?
  • In the beta and even in the full version of the mod, there'll be 2 text files. One named "readme" and one named "Credits". Need i say more?
  • Have a good one.
  • //Moka_Akashiya85

P.S: The reason i use this style when it comes to the news is because Moddb is a fucking ass and puts all of it in one entire sentence, fucking it all up. Blame Moddb, not me.


Nice, dude! We're waiting. :3

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will this mod has new killstreak?all i see are new weapons and maps :(

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Moka_Akashiya85 Author

CW will not have custom killstreaks at launch.

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that means it will be add later? :)

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don't play with my heart Moka

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2 f*cking gb?!!

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2GB is not too much CoD Ghost use 30GB of hard drive and i have a 1TB soo is no too much for me.

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