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I had a news for a list of maps, features, and some equipment regarding the map.

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Welcome to my mod! if you are new, this a mod that will make your cod 2 into a lifelike and realistic battles, this included new maps, weapons, equipments, and some other.

this mod is not for a normal player because now all ais are very smart, matched their real life counterparts.

examples of the maps is:

-Operation Barbarossa(summer): Scouting on Ukraine, Battle of the Dnieper, Crossing the Dnieper.

-Kiev Encirclement(summer): Battle of Kiev, Villages Assault, the crossroads

-Battle of Minsk(summer): Securing the Wounded, Assault on Minsk

-Road to Moscow(almost winter): Charge on Moscow, Crossroads Assault

-Battle of Stalingrad(winter): Training, Outflank with Italian, Romanian Regrouping

-Battle of Volga(winter): Downtown assault, Sniper, Downtown tank

-Battle of Kursk(summer/waffen ss): Panzer assault, more

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