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Hey Guys, My new Single Player Mod version is out. Her is a small Impression was your expect.

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Download Cockpit Side´s V 2.0 - Mod DB

New Units

First is a list of my new Units For The Republic you can Play as

  • 501 Legion
  • 327 Sky Corp
  • 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps
  • Corusant Guard

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For the CIS you can have in the regular randomizer the change for two variations of Commanders and a Deathwatch Soldire, Neimoidian Flame Trooper or a BX- Battle Droid

The Droid Commanders have a Award Rifle or a Award Pistol

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And so muce more...

More Playeble Eras on Maps

Also you can fight a Battle on Hoth and Endor at the time of the Clone Wars. Geonosis is now an Venue of the Galactic Civil war

20210509130338 1

atat on geo

New Weapons and Vehicle

All Units have now this new Weapons

  1. Officers have an Orbital Strike
  2. Enginees have an Placable Turret
  3. Snipers have an placable Wall

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20210509131614 120210509131658 1

I hope you have Fun with this Mod. Here are more Images of this massive Content

20210509130532 120210509130631 120210509130804 120210509130930 120210509131048 120210509132301 120210509131158 1


This mod is so cool! Will you be making special versions for all the heroes? I'd love to see hero assault here!

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