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This will be the final version of the closed beta. After this next round of testing, I will release the mod. This last round of beta testing is to make sure that everything is good to go.

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Final Beta: Please install this over a clean installation of ACM 2.4

All noted bugs should now be fixed.

New Content:

Minor script and AI edits

XR-85 tank droid

Mandalorian Tank

VWing Airpseeder

Blue Diver


Invincible Heavy Cruiser


Cron Drift location fixed

Planets in Hutt Space Gc fixed

New ground maps for Rendili, Duro, Ralltiir, Bastion, Bakura, Etti IV

New space maps for Duro, Empress Teta, Bakura, Mygeeto, Toydaria, Bastion, Ralltiir, Druckenwell, SluisVan, Yaga Minor, Rendili

All new maps now have proper preview textures.

If this version is certified bug-free and playable, it will receive one more round of minor tweaks and then go direct to release.

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