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Learn how to participate in the closed alpha for Vikingr for Bannerlord.

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The Vikingr Closed Alpha is still under development, and subject to constant change. For testing purposes and due to server limitations, the Closed Alpha is an invitation/application-only release. Players must either apply or be invited to gain access to the Closed Alpha. Applications can be submitted via the Bretwalda | Vikingr discord server.

The current closed alpha has slots for 100 players, of which all are filled. Immediately when this article goes out, we will be opening up 50 more slots and filling them with players who have applied through our discord server.

The Closed Alpha is being hosted on two AWS instances, one in Frankfurt, Germany, the other in Portland, USA. When testing resumes, the EU and NA servers will be brought online at peak local hours every day, and for scheduled events. More servers will be added as the Closed Alpha playerbase size is increased.

Developer applications are open for all departments.

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