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A sneak peak for what's to come for the upcoming client.

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Hello again!

Making this post to showcase the upcoming client made for donors and then eventually the public.

(Keep in mind, this is still very early.)

The client completely changes all the menu graphics to custom Dune II themed graphics.Main Menu

The background battle is using one of the multiplayer maps featured. Only temporary, a map will be made exactly for this.

Some features of Rusted Warfare are disabled, such as the mods menu, some of the single players options etcetera. This is also only temporary, since some of those features don't fully have a use yet. They may do in the future, but for now they are disabled.

There is only 6 maps, should have more soon. Some may remake already existing Rusted Warfare maps and make them more ABP friendly (small, plentiful spice).


Soon i plan to change the Hud so it fits the Dune II theme (similar to Mobile RW's classic hud).

Next i will do for the client is some sound changes, since it still uses some sounds from the original Rusted Warfare.

Thats it for today. Join the Guilded if you would like to see more such as the Wiki.


More coming soon.

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