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Classes will decide your jurisdiction: military, tactical analysis, or special operations.

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There will be three main classes, based off of the most well known classes of Gray Jedi. Once you complete your training, you will be able to choose a class based on your expertise.

The Imperial Knights:

"Imperial Knights believe we serve the Force by serving an Empire that brings order. For three generations our duty has been to the Emperor."
-Treis Sinde

The Imperial Knights are the military branch of the Gray Jedi. They are front line elite soldiers that can lead charges and slaughter hundreds of troops with force and blade. The "Guardian/Marauder" class of the Gray Jedi. Choose this class if you like fighting. They are led by the Imperial Commander.

The Jensaarai:

"Jensaarai is a Sith word for hidden follower of the truth. As the Saarai-kaar, I am the keeper of that truth."
-The Saarai-kaar

The "special operations" branch of the Gray Jedi. The Jensaarai operatives will rely on stealth and trickery to accomplish their goals. Common uses for this branch are assassination and espionage. Choose this class if you like stealth, but be warned, there is no extensive combat training, so you will be unable to cut through hundreds of troops. You must rely on your wits to accomplish the mission with minimum bloodshed. The "Sentinel/Assassin" class of the Gray Jedi. Their leader is the Saarai-kaar.

The Voss Mystics:

"Very hard to surprise."

The "tactical" branch of the Gray Jedi. The Voss Mystics rely on the force to predict enemy troop movements and they can plan accordingly. They work in conjunction with the Imperial Knights in open conflict. They are the "Consulars/Lords" of the Gray Jedi, and as such rely on the force to perform the most damage. Choose this class if you want to create tactics in times of conflict. The Voss are led by the Voss Seer.

These branches will only apply if the Gray Jedi are ever at war with other groups. There will be a head of each branch, and they will be in charge of providing their subordinates with instructions. I lead the Jensaarai, and anyone who joins with that branch will be under my command. The Voss Mystics are led by ÐRΣÄÐNÄUGHT90k. The Imperial Knights are commanded by KamikazeSniper.

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