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What are Class Abilities? A character's level represents the time they have spent training and they class-powers they've mastered with this effort. Class Abilities are those actions, privileges and equipment slots unlocked as your character gains experience and levels up. These privileges are separate from any you might gain through Rank and Position in your local government. Each Class includes a primary a secondary chain of Class Abilities. Primary chains can be accessed by 5 Hero classes and

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What are Class Abilities?

A character's level represents the time they have spent training and they class-powers they've mastered with this effort. Class Abilities are those actions, privileges and equipment slots unlocked as your character gains experience and levels up. These privileges are separate from any you might gain through Rank and Position in your local government. Each Class includes a primary a secondary chain of Class Abilities. Primary chains can be accessed by 5 Hero classes and the relative Lord class. Lords can never access the secondary chains, only available to a different 5 of the Hero classes.


Primary Trader Classes

Without Trader Lords, the wealth of the Renaissance may never have occurred. The worth of a leader is no longer measured in royal blood but managing ability. The Trader Lord knows that there is no city to rule and no subjects to serve you without commerce. They bring prosperity and profit to their settlements, but no one said it was for the good of the people.

The Mercenary hero usually didn't start their life with social station and fancy things. They want to make a living, maybe even a fortune, and have found their combat skill capable of earning that wealth. Now they dedicate their days to training and collecting contracts for their increasingly impressive services. Why serve one power your whole life for minimal reward? The Mercenary will retire with both formidable fighting skill and a large pile of

Starting in the lap of luxury is no reason to let coin just go slipping through your hands. The noble-trader Manager hero has seen the benefits of wealth and how quickly money can be spent by the unwise. The shrewd eye of this hero misses nothing. Lazy employees, inefficient business practices and disappearing Inventory must be corrected immediately. Criminal minded populace will have a challenge on their hands trying to slip under the attention of the Manager.

The Merchant hero was born with a bronze coin in their tiny hand. They collected old abaci for toys and traded marbles with unnerving shrewdness. They learned commerce at the knees of the growing, gold-fueled world. By the time each Merchant is ready to face the wide-world, they are already skilled at intense bargaining and adding long columns of sums. From local business owners to foreign caravans, all ventures into commerce are benefited from the aid of canny Merchant hero.

The Monsignor hero is, of course, very faithful. Man cannot live on bread alone, but it does alright and most days manna isn't falling from heaven to feed the masses. Neither do churches build themselves from living stone nor will clothing weave itself from sunbeams and rainbows. Food and materials must be harvested and processed by the people who must be compensated for laboring to benefit their community. When grain is short, other priests pray for bounty. The Monsignor buys grain from a farmer. When the church is leaky, the Monsignor pays a roofer. When the church is short on coin, the Monsignor sells some candles.

The Appraiser hero not only knows how to move product, but how much each item is worth. Age, quality, crafter and practical value all matter and an honest bargain can't be struck without knowing the facts. These trader-casters are not afraid to buy and study magical, possibly even cursed items. This fearless search for knowledge leads the Appraiser hero to unlock many arcane secrets as acquire experience and levels.


Primary Trader Class Abilities

Work Hard
The first ability you earn as a primary trader is Work Hard. This allows you to pick any processing building in your settlement, then show up, roll up your sleeves, and start leading by example. The passion in your pursuit of industry will inspire the other employees and the next processing cycle will produce more than usual, based on the Management and Acumen you put into it.

Caveat Emptor
Many business exchanges, even between skilled players, are a bit of a gamble. Take a chance with a sack of Litra and a positive attitude. The Caveat Emptor action dares you to spend your Litra in the busy market on mysterious packages of uncertain value. Only when you get home and unwrap them will you know what random collection of Goods you received for your coin.

Quid Pro Quo
"Something for Something". In this case, the first something is the Prosperity of a district, and the second something is your small stack of Florins. While this action doesn't provide you with a material reward, your trader heart is warmed as canny coin-distribution causes a flurry of opportunities and trade in a usually poor neighborhood. Local traders haggle avidly for the coins, local opportunists do their best to steal them and each citizen who even sees one imagines what they might do with an entire gold Florin.

Enhance Prosperity
Local business owners have heard of you now. There's a rumor that you've never once been cheated and or lost a bargain. They all aspire to be like you and wherever you're seen, employees straighten their aprons and proprietors haggle more avidly in hopes that you notice how canny they are and hire them for your own very profitable purposes. Prosperity wherever you live is automatically increased.

Equip Pack Animal
You're not just any trader, looking to put some saddle-baskets on a donkey. You have moved more wealth through your personal inventory than many small-time Sovereigns. Your close personal friends own the wealth of nations. Your personal Pack Animal can't be some ill-tempered, smelly beast that stubbornly stops to graze at any moment. You have heard of specialized shops where large but well trained creatures can be bought.

Oversee Construction
You know how to make a hired work force hustle. Under your guidance the construction workers actually feel like they're getting something out of working for you. Of course, you're not unreasonable. You'd never expect the laborers to move faster without a little extra stuff, so you brought some Bricks, Boards and Canvas to speed them along.

Organize Storage
Storage is everything. Knowing what is in your storage and being able to store more of it is an essential part of being a Trader. You have reached the points where your experience has provided insight. You can organize your stuff even better than before! Taking some time will increase your effective storage for the rest of the day. Your invisible cronies can't maintain the improved organization for longer than that.

Train Troops
You've found that years of commanding employees and improving efficiency have translated quite well into turning unruly peasants into a trained military force. With your accumulated experience, you have become able to become a patron to one batch of local recruits. By providing your Bread, Beer and Horses, along with your leadership expertise, you can ensure your supported units train faster than their older comrades did.

Hire Mercenaries
You know how to talk to hardworking business people. Sometimes the service that's currently most profitable in their settlement may be in the military. You've gained the ability to talk a group of Yeomen into applying their simple combat abilities in the service of their settlement (or you). Of course, your glib tongue was not all it took to convince them. You also had to ply them with Beer and Meat and not a small pile of Silver Thalers.

Equip Assistant
Your interests are so vast that it's going to take a whole extra human mind to help you manage them. At first a simple but loyal Assistant will do, but in time your demand for quality will raise until you are backed by a full fledged Sidekick. These Acumen and Arithmetic increasing Assistants can be found anywhere retainers are trained.

Hold Auction
Business has been looking a little slow lately in your target district and you know where to get a fine herd of cattle. These may seem like unconnected matters until you consider how excited the general populace can get about large, healthy Livestock. Start up an impromptu Auction in the middle of a district and watch the coins and Prosperity roll in.

Protect Settlement
Your personal troops signed on for the cush life of protecting a successful trader and their stuff. Walking beats is hard work, but they'll do it if you ask them to and pay them a few more shares of Bread than usual. By choosing to Protect a Settlement, your personal army will walk it's streets and add to it's defenses for a day.

Equip Brand
The people trust your business and want to recognize your goods on sight. Why deny them? Incorporate a personal Brand and stamp in on every crate and sack that passes through your vast business holdings. These personalized designs can be ordered from any building that crafts Symbols, but their ability to increase your effective Management and Guile depends on quality and Rank.

Report News
Want to tell the people how things are going? Report the News allows an experienced trader to post to the Settlement Message. This is not only an incredible advertising opportunity, but the people love to get the news! Updates will temporarily increase local Education and Prosperity and they'll pay you in Silver for the privilege.

Equip Pennant
Your enterprise has become notorious. You have spent a long time investing in ventures and expanding your economic influence. Actually seeing you is now far rarer than seeing your shops and goods among the common people. Equipping a personal Pennant will announce your exalted presence among fellow merchants and shoppers who would love to meet what is now a household name. Each pennant style can increase bearer's effective Management and Arithmetic attributes based on quality.

Corner a Market
You have found a way to benefit from a great deal of seemingly disconnected market transactions. You provide something like the favorite twine used to tie packages this season or the packing straw thrown into the crate of every delicate delivery. Whatever it is, a seemingly small investment will grant you a tidy pile of Thalers based on the number of recent external market trades with your settlement.

Golden Age
The prowess of your trader abilities and the mass of your personal wealth have become immense. By spending what should be a fraction of your current wealth, your Trader can declare a Golden Age Scenario. Impressed and inspired, all Citizens achieve greater Acumen and Management while the scenario is occurring.

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