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What are Class Abilities? A character's level represents the time they have spent training and they class-powers they've mastered with this effort. Class Abilities are those actions, privileges and equipment slots unlocked as your character gains experience and levels up. These privileges are separate from any you might gain through Rank and Position in your local government. Each Class includes a primary a secondary chain of Class Abilities. Primary chains can be accessed by 5 Hero classes and

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Class Abilities - Primary Clergy

What are Class Abilities?
A character's level represents the time they have spent training and they class-powers they've mastered with this effort. Class Abilities are those actions, privileges and equipment slots unlocked as your character gains experience and levels up. These privileges are separate from any you might gain through Rank and Position in your local government. Each Class includes a primary a secondary chain of Class Abilities. Primary chains can be accessed by 5 Hero classes and the relative Lord class. Lords can never access the secondary chains, only available to a different 5 of the Hero classes.

Primary Clergy Classes

The Clergy Lord knows that they have been chosen by their holy path to lead the people. To care for the people's happiness, and spiritual well-being. When they take positions of power, it's as stewards, providing the buildings and resources required to care for the people. Abilities gained as they level will reflect that supportive role.

The Templar is the sword and shield of their church. This Clergy-Commander heroes spend their time in communion with their holy power(s) and training to defend the good and faithful people. There are always wicked souls in the world who would attack priests, loot missionaries and hassle innocent villagers. These are the enemies of the Templar, upholder of all goodness and law.

The Prelate hero has seen vileness up close, in the deeds and motivations of the wealthy upper crust. They may have entered the church through privilege, but their faithful deeds will quickly earn them a reputation for being one of the few trustworthy Nobles. Aristocrats feel comfortable confessing their sins to you, and taking your advice for repentance.

The Friar hero is an earthy priest. They are more often found in brown homespun than satin or velvet robes. They walk among the people, celebrate their weddings and mourn for their dead. The Friar can smell rain in the air and sprouts in the fields and knows that the Almighty is in all of this. And when a bounty is provided, even in the form of a market bargain, they know how to take advantage of it.

The Cleric hero has always wanted to join the faith. They heard the call early in life and knew their place was to serve their religion and it's people. They feel the suffering of poverty and wealth alike and wish to guide all souls into the guiding light. As they gather experiences along their chosen path, Clerics gain every ability offered to Clergy classes. When they are old and powerful, their boon to a settlement will be massive.

The Shaman hero follows ancient and holy rites, but hardly ever seeks walls and structure of the established religions to do so. They are as connected to the seasons and the natural forces as they are to the religious paths they follow. The Shaman will gain a heady mix of magic and religious abilities as they gain in experience and levels.


Primary Clergy Class Abilities
Bless DistrictYou have begun to channel the holy powers. With a small, humble ceremony the young Primary Clergy can bless a single district. This blessing may not look like much, but each person who works nearby is heartened to see the ritual performed. They as if things are more likely to go well, and so they work more efficiently. This blessing significantly lowers upkeep in the district for the next cycle.
Bless CityYour guiding power(s) have revealed the ritual of city-blessing. Your ability isn't limited to your home settlement only, but any settlement share a Neutral Relationship with. This blessing boosts the spirits of all the residents within and reduces the upkeep of the entire settlement for the next upkeep cycle. If cast on a foreign settlement, current Standing between your sett and the target will be increased.
Heal the SickYour have studied the ways of servitude long enough to heal minor illness among the people. Heal the Sick increases the health of your chosen District based on your personal Fervor and Management attributes. This means this action will get more powerful as you level while remaining the same cost in Linen and Action Points.
Enhance FaithYour serene nature and good spiritual advice have inspired the people. Even if they only see you walking the streets, they are comforted in knowing such a powerful holy figure walks among them. This sign of religious favor reassures the people that they are blessed and loved by the power(s) of their religion. You can tell by looking that the Faith of your home settlement is passively increased by your presence.

Equip Scripture
You've quoted your favorite parables and scripture passages so many times your congregation and priest-friends alike are tired of them all. It's time to broaden your spiritual horizons and adopt a personal book of Scripture. With these wise passages equipped at all times, your personal Philosophy and Fervor will be enhanced by the support of it's pages. These holy texts can be crafted by any building that produces Books, can be bought on the Market by players, and can occasionally be earned through Actions and Scenarios.
Organize Storage
You know that heaven can be viewed through an orderly life. Bring yourself closer to God(s) by carefully re-organizing every item in your inventory. It will stack better, look better, and be easier to reference when you need something in the future. Of course, it will only get messy again but you suppose that's one of those cosmic inevitabilities.

Oversee Construction
Sometimes even the almighty needs something done quickly. First you provide a measure of Bricks, Boards and Canvas to the workers to show that you understand working fast and well is difficult. Then, without ever raising your voice, you guide them toward the most efficient path to completing the project. You may even get a few additions to your congregation when you're finished.

Train Troops
Leading troops in bloody combat is not usually the vocation of the Clergy. On the other hand, no one can get a band of people riled up and fearing no death like their spiritual leaders. With some training resources and a few powerful sermons, your Primary Clergy can whip up a batch of trained troops faster than usual. This bonus is based on your current Fervor and Charm.

Wedding Ceremony
Without a Clergy character who has unlocked this action, there can be no married Characters. The Standing between settlements may be swayed by the location of a single mid-level primary clergy. This incredibly powerful and appealing ability costs a few yards of Linen, a handful of Florins and a small Cut Gem. This initiates the Bond of Marriage between the two selected players and cannot be undone once completed (under most circumstances).

Equip Illumination
Your name has become synonymous with holy guidance. Adopt a personalized Illumination and be recognized by your spiritual followers, even when your writings are apparently 'anonymous'. These fancy letter-pictures can be crafted in specialized buildings, or purchased from other players who've gotten their hands on one. Each Illumination, based on rank, increases a clergy's Fervor and Charm.

You have been approved by your order to take the word and way out to non-believers. In a local or Friendly foreign district you can set up your street-podium with the help of a few boards, tinctures and pet birds. Pour your heart out in a public sermon. Come away having raised local Faith and collected a little incidental Litra from appreciative listeners.

Protect Settlement
The small army of troops maintained with your personal wealth has become such a well-trained fighting force that you've been invited to share them. Word has gotten out that you are both trustworthy and skilled. Your presence offers comfort to those around you and your personal troops are reliable. Your home settlement and all cities Friendly with them will accept your donation of AP, Bread and Units for a day. You get to know the defenses of your chosen city will be bolstered by much the military force have to offer.

Equip Secretary
The paperwork created by even the smallest of your actions has grown enormously since you first set out to do the good works. Your religious superiors want to know where you're going. Your followers want to know where you've been. Professional secretaries can be convinced to work for you and at this points you are able to hire one as a personal retainer. Secretaries can be 'trained' in any building that produces Retainers. They increase the effective Fervor and Philosophy of their masters based on the quality of their training.

When the Faith of the people is flagging, you've learned how to use terror to bring it back. Every peasant fears the devil and the burning fires of hell. Bring some of that fire into a few lives to revive the Faith of an entire settlement's population. With only a few scraps of paper and some cold Steel, you can inflict an Inquisition on a target settlement.

Equip Ring
Your position in the spiritual ranks has become too high to express casually. No matter how plain you intended to be at the start, it's time to equip a holy Ring to seal your letters and proclaim you highly enlightened status. Rings are crafted wherever Accessories are sold, and can be earned through Actions and Scenarios. Each fine piece of jewelry increases the wearer's Fervor and Grace based on material and rank.

Corpus Christi
Part of the inherent magic of Christianity is the Corpus Christi. Summoning the Body of Christ through faith and communion. In honor of your extended time and experience in service,
you've learned how to perform this classic miracle to the enlightening benefit of all who witness it. This specialized action increases the Philosophy of all citizens for a day.

Equip Songbird
Your ability to manage yourself and your affairs can now be extended to a trusting pet. The beauty in feather and song of your chosen companion will influence how much Grace and Creativity it will add in the eyes of your followers. These delicate creatures are difficult to take care of and train, but can be found in specialized shops in sophisticated settlements.
The Revelation is the most powerful ritual a Primary Clergy character can perform. This triggers the Revelation scenario, providing a combined Fervor and Philosophy bonus to all Citizens. This action/scenario targets and benefits an entire Settlement and is earned when the character reaches level 1000.

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