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Cinders is now code-complete! The release is only weeks away.

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We just finished the last timed Cinders milestone! It means the game is now code complete!
This means no more of this (sans few tweaks and beta testers requests maybe):

No more coding!

Finishing the code of a visual novel is not a big deal usually. But mind that we weren't using Ren'Py, and opted to write our own VN framework in GameMaker. It allows for more flexibility, better graphics and nicer interfaces, which are all very important if we want our games to stand out quality-wise. It also means that we now have a very useful tool that we can use to speed up the development of our future games.

All that is left is to finish writing the story. With me and Ayu now able to work on it full-time, it shouldn't take more than few weeks. As Gracjana is now essentially free, having done all the art already, we may also decide to expand the game with few extra locations and scenes.
We'll keep you updated on our progress and the release date.

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