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Hello Fellow Wanderers, This is just another quick update of what's happening on the road to A5 Patch 2, what will hopefully be the final patch for A5.

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So it has been almost a month since the last update, and I did say that hopefully it would not take too long.

So that was wrong..

The good News is that we have made some more great hops forward for the game, things that I had not planned for the patch, but that have just sort of happened, from other modders support!

I am still a fair way off from being finished with it, there is nothing really challenging to do, just lots of basic copy paste additions and working out what needs to be done and how.

I have had quite a busy few weeks so I am low on energy and umph, as well as 'upgrading' (debatable term) to 64bit Windows 8.1, instead of my old 32bit Win 7, along with some more things like a new harddrive. So that is taking a lot of my energy with it!

Anyway, you don't care! All you want is more FTTW goodness news to wet your appetite, well you no good, heartless, irradiated, dust dogs!


Map Script:
I have now got 2 map scripts for FTTW, that are playable, all other maps have now been removed so you don't end up wasting half the map on unreachable contininents, or only meeting half the factions cause the rest are across an ocean!

We have 2 forms of a modified pangaea map, that maximise the landmass and remove almost all of the surrounding water/ocean, which means more room for butt kicking!

The First Map is Pangaea, which has the basic geography of a pangaea map with resources and 'stuff' randomly scattered about in random scattery fashion.

The Second Map is Fury Road, and is lovelingly pinched from the excellent mod Fury Road, which first inspired me to begin making a Fallout mod.
This has a few tweaks for FTTW specifically, such as resources and the 'landmass extension'.
What it sets out to do is make more of an apocalyptic state, with ruins clustered into 'dead cities' connected by old and broken highway connections, which will hopefully lead to trying to gain control of these old cities and their valuable scavenging potential.
Eventually I would like to refine this further, with different kinds of 'Dead Cities' such as military installations, research facilities and cities, all with suitable dangers and rewards, but all that is for another version.

I currently (Hopefully) have someone working on adding more resource bonuses for buildings so that the buildings will have access to multiple resources with differing levels of effect.

I am currently trying to fix up the promotion trees for units, to try and get them back up and working (they were broken/omitted in the rebuild) so that should hopefully make unit promotions a bit more fun and fallouty again.

We also have a brand new Vertibird Unit Art which is pretty cool!

I just need to code it in to all the relevant points.

Story Event:
Continuing to fix and finish the prototype story event, so that it is working effectively, I have been having a lot of problems getting the follow parts to fire, I think it is down to the fact that it can only fire on 1 square on the whole map, which makes the probability of it happening rare.

I am currently looking into seeing if I can get some new 'trigger types' for events, so I no longer have to rely on random chance, but something a bit more predictable in terms of the code.

For now I am thinking of just having it trigger upon completion of a certain tech at each stage, just so that people can try it out and test it more effectively.

I also still have to fix the stats for the various units and buildings, as well as add some that are missing. As well as writing several python spawn events, for things like barbarian attacks. I have found the code to do this, I just need to make all of the necessary versions of it and connect them to the relevant events.

Bonus Resources:
I spent a bit of time beefing up bonus resource yield values, so that now a developed resource will produce much more siginificant quantities and make them better than standard improved tiles.

I think I have done other things as well, but I am at a loss to remember them currently!

As ever if anyone feels like joining in the 'fun' of tedious xml modding, to help speed development, you are more than welcome and requires little more skill than basic word processing, everything else I will teach!

Join us and Get Involved on our Main Forum

Stay Safe Out There Wastelanders!

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