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Just checking in to fill everyone in on the mod's current status and it's future as far as whether it is being continued or is being left to rot in the past.

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I'm almost positive I've said this before, but it was probably a while ago. And when there's long gaps between my appearances and announcements on the forum, repetition helps keep you all updated on the mod's status and whether our plans have changed or not.

The most frequently asked question right now is: "Has the project died?"

It seems that way. I've lost a lot of interest in the mod, despite how much I and the other modders put into it, but I would like to release something that isn't just terrain. But so far, that's all it is. Triggerless maps with some pretty WIP landscapes. Most of which are old maps and haven't been redone by me yet.

The reason for my inactivity is lack of interest due to the WarCraft III editor crashing so much. I've lost a lot of progress --- probably over 30 times --- and it can really discourage you when it happens repeatedly. Even though I have set the auto-save every 5 minutes, even then, it can still be extremely frustrating and set you back. If this seems silly to get worked up over to you, then I guess it's something you'd have to experience for yourself to understand.

However, I will not let my intolerance overcome my ambition to get something with this mod done and ready for you guys to enjoy. So I do plan to continue this mod, just not yet. Why you ask?

Because Ardent Heroes is currently more fun to work on. It's a more unique idea, much more flexibility with what we can add and throw out, and it also doesn't currently require a significant amount of terrain and level design work. While Wc3:WoW could certainly appeal to more WarCraft III players, it's a fun idea (for us who are working on it and testing it, at least) to work on an RPG that may or may not potentially compete against the other great RPGs created for WarCraft III over the years.

Sorry that there's no real good news to report. But at least I managed to keep it optimistic!

[Unrelated Note] I've decided to gradually change my alias to Macrobius since it's not as offensive and demeaning as "Craka_J." It also sounds cooler too.

Herr_Alien - - 342 comments

Well, do what your conscience dictates you :) . Don't worry, the "non-crybaby" audience won't hold it against you if you don't release anything.

I personally liked the demo you released; it showed the potential of the engine and what a good control scheme can do.

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Craka_J Author
Craka_J - - 616 comments

I appreciate your understanding. Nevertheless, I will try to release something after Ardent Heroes, in order to satisfy everyone.

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Mr.Lee - - 85 comments

I would strongly suggest you move over from Warcraft III FT to Starcraft 2. Since modding for starcraft 2 has a lot of benefits compared to warcraft III.
It will allso help your mod get more popular and get more noticed.
Second to that it would be a nice learning challenge working with other and newer stuff.

I'm just saying..

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Hawkwing - - 42 comments

Last time I checked, there was no magical button to bring everything over into Starcraft 2 and I guarantee you that the team doesn't want to lose any progress.

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Craka_J Author
Craka_J - - 616 comments

StarCraft 2 is extremely limited. And Blizzard Entertainment intended it to be that way. It's just like with WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne; you can mod it, but once they roll in the expansions for StarCraft, then the full potential of modding StarCraft 2 will be revealed.

There is much more content for modders in WarCraft III than with StarCraft 2. That's just one reason why I decided not to move forward with the new engine.

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