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dhk Games releases a character biography with a short story about their indie title Xarelok.

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As important as textures, models and shaders are the story elements of a game. One element of these are the game characters. For that reason, we've begun to work out sharper biographies for the characters we will be introducing in Xarelok, and we've begun with the rebel leader Colonel Nall'Ly. In addition to some basic data, we will be presenting each of our characters with even a full short story that tells how they came to Gor Rugi, why they are there, and what they are fighting for.

The sunset of Gor Rugi has always been something special for Nall'Ly. Much different than the sunset on Thal, where he was born. It was so... bright, so burning. Rage, war and peace, there seemed to be parts of all of these three at once in it. This golden scene always reminded him of who he was. And that he would not stay here. On Gor Rugi. Where he could not watch this scene too oftenly, the Guards wouldn't let him.

He thought about the times when he had a better life. Back in those days when the Worrajug Empire wasn't that strong yet. He and some companions served for the Worrajugs, and his talent for strategy and melee fights allowed him to quickly climb the coroporate ladder. Everything went fine, although he did not always follow the rules. His friends gave him cover in this point whenever needed, and could never complain about a bad connection to the girls. However, this did not help the day something went wrong...

Read the full story here.

We hope you find it entertaining, and we'd be happy about comments and critics.

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Camcidgos - - 504 comments

good so far

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booman - - 3,654 comments

yes, I'm happy to hear you guys put some thought into the characters and story. I really like games that include books, or computer entries that tell stories about characters in the game. This helps to immerse the player and make the world even more believable. Kinda like the books in Oblivion or the PDA emails in Doom 3.

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_dhk_ Author
_dhk_ - - 416 comments

Glad to hear. We were very unsure whether it would be seen as a good addition to the game or just nonsense in the development process.

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