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With Chapter 2 conquered, and Chapter 3 finished. What is next? Well, i have a few things i would like to share!

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Chapter 3 is finished!

Chapter 3 is done, and contains 5 levels. The pacing is overall quicker, as the MOD is escalating. There is only ONE Arena in this chapter, as you would have no time to buckle down and engage the "enemy" head on.

Remember when Big Brother said "GET TO MAH LAB!!!" ?

Yeah, you're now on the road, THE RAINBOW ROAD!!!! (ouch)

You're now on the road to his lab, and Chapter 4 will have the GREAT REVEAL!!!

Moving to Bandcamp

Unrelated to the OST, but i'm starting a new moniker called "OSPAATION"

If you're a fan of Progressive Metal, then stay tuned. I will try and set up my bandcamp account properly in the meantime.

The reason why i am moving to bandcamp, is through extensive research, and spectating people on Quora and Reddit, i have found out the Bandcamp can let you upload alot more hours than soundcloud's 3. Who knows, any future IP's might be on there too?

The Big Brother Problem

So far, BB has been regulated to a Samuel Hayden or VEGA figure. But i want to humanise him, and i feel the third chapter is a great exercise for this. Expect him to be alot more personal, or just, talkative...


The First 3 are from the last level of Chapter 2.

d2 stratigrad 060004d2 stratigrad 060005d2 stratigrad 060006d3 stratigrad 030001d3 stratigrad 040003d3 stratigrad 040002


I should've shared this sooner, but refrained. Here is a link to it on YT.

Move like Hell [STRATIGRAD Promotional Video 1] - YouTube

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