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Chaos on Dantooine is sort of like a Hero Assault, but with another Clone Wars battle occurring around it.

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Chaos on Dantooine 1.4

The NickNackJack Society is proud to present Chaos on Dantooine.

Download it Here: ModDB


During the heat of the Clone Wars, Count Dooku summons as many Sith and Dark Jedi as he can find to join him in a secret meeting in a small mining village on Dantooine. With their combined energy, the Sith Lords managed to open a portal in time, summoning the presence of beings of the dark side from both the past and future to assist them in the war. Luckily ,Kit Fisto, whom was also on Dantooine at the time, picked up on this great disturbance. He contacted Cin Drallig of the Jedi Temple. As chief of security at the Jedi Temple, Cin provided Fisto with the Temple Guards, the Shock Legion of Clone Troopers, a select group of Jedi, and a few volunteer Arc Troopers. Will the Republic forces be enough to subdue Dooku's band of Sith Lords and Legion of Confederation Droids? Or will the galaxy fall under the sith's oppression?

General Description:

  • This mod is similar to a hero assault, however, it follows conquest rules.
  • Both the Republic and the CIS have a helping team that can capture CPs.
  • Note that killing heroes is quite difficult due to high health and rapid regeneration.
  • This is because we want the battle to simulate somewhat realistic saber duels that last much longer.
  • While you can only play as the heroes, the majority of the battle is between teams 3 and 4, Clones and Droids.
  • Clones and Droids spawn at CPs under the correct control. CP4 is the only post that cannot spawn local helpers.

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Playable Units:

Only the Following Characters Count Toward the Reinforcement Meter

For the Republic team, the following heroes are:

  1. Anakin Skywalker (CW)
  2. Luminara Unduli
  3. Barriss Offee
  4. Plo Koon (EP3)
  5. X2 (Jedi Robes)
  6. Shaak Ti
  7. Cin Drallig
  8. Adi Gallia
  9. Ahsoka Tano
  10. Kit Fitso (hero)

The CIS team contains:

  1. Cydon Prax (With Lightsaber because why not?)
  2. Starkiller (Jedi Hunter)
  3. Yun
  4. Darth Malgus
  5. Pre Vizsla
  6. Savage Oppress
  7. Darth Maul (CW)
  8. Darth Krayt
  9. Darth Revan (Duel Sabers)
  10. Asja Ventress (hero) (CW)

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Unplayable Units

Both Teams consist of a Semi-Hero that spawns as in the battle on teams 3 and 4

The Republic gets Serra Keto (From EP3 PS2) and the CIS get Count Dooku.

Team 3 (Republic Helpers) consists of the following units:

  1. Clone Trooper (Red Markings)
  2. Jedi Temple Guardian
  3. Arc Trooper Fives
  4. Arc Trooper Echo
  5. Commander Fox
  6. Arc Trooper Fordo (Custom Animation and weapons)
  7. Serra Keto

Team 4 (CIS Helpers) have:

  1. B2 Super Battle Droid
  2. BX Commando Droid
  3. OOM-9 Commander Droid
  4. Droideka
  5. Count Dooku


Both Teams get 17 units Each.

Things to know about units:

  • Force Push as been modified with increased power and no longer effects allies.
  • X2 Possess a Force Shield ability. This is just like the Droideka's Shield. While he can still be kicked around, he cannot take damage while the shield is active. Because of this, he has less health.
  • Sadly Kit Fisto does not possess his custom Combo. Apparently, the game cannot support both it and stock animations. So Sorry.
  • Shaak Ti and Adi Gallin both possess a custom combo that is a mix between Luke's and Obiwan's.
  • Fives ,Echo, and Fox all possess a powerful pistol and a rocket launcher (Only used on the tanks). They possess more health than the a normal unit, but less than a hero. Only 1 of each can exist in the battle at a time.
  • Fordo uses his custom pistols with a custom animation, while the bullets deal the same amount as damage as the other troops, he fires two shots at once, dealing double damage.
  • The Jedi Guardians have much less health than the other heroes and provide minimal affect on the battle.
  • Serra Keto and Darth Raven both use a custom combo that is a mix between Aalya's and Luke's.
  • The BX Commando Droid possess a Vibro Sword he will draw if you get too close. This sword will not cause a stumble, but will deal great melee damage.
  • Count Dooku does not possess force lighting and follows Obi-wan's combo instead of whatever bazaar movements he was designed with.
  • Since Cydon Prax lacks force abilities, he posses detpacks and mines that can be very effective again enemies.
  • Pre Vizsla is the only hero that contains a blaster as well as a lightsaber. He also contains several rockets useful for blowing up tanks.

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  • Sometimes, Tanks and units end up in the river and cannot escape.
  • Extreme combat can cause lag on lesser PCs.
  • There have been reports of units getting stuck under the floor in the hanger. Near CP1
  • Vizsla's Flamethrower is invisible.
  • After you drop a mine/detpack as Prax, his ability to attack will be stalled.
  • Sometimes, models will looked streached and contorted from a distance. This is caused by lack of lowres msh.
  • Ahsoka's foot looks weird when she walks.
  • Revan's cape tends to clip through him.

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Note that many of the used assets contain other people credited to them as well. I am only crediting the uploader. Find their post of it for all credits.

  • TheComicCorvette - Prime Developer
  • Kinx_Hydratic - Contributing in various ways
  • NickNackJack Society - Testing and Moderating Progress
  • Hello_There_U_2 - Prime Requester and Overseer
  • IAmTheSenate - Overseer
  • J.Pikes - Tester, Overseer, and asset hunter.
  • Pandemic - The game, Stock models and combos.


Teancum - Elite Squadron Dantooine Map, Cydon Prax Model, Starkiller Model, Yun Model, Savage Oppress Model, Darth Krayt Model, Ventress Model, Serra Keto Model, Abi Gallia Model, X2 Model, Ahsoka Model. Combo used for both Serra Keto and Darth Revan, Cin Drallig Model, and Darth Malgus Model.

DEVISS - Pre Vizsla and everything included with him (Weapons and stuff), Darth Maul Clone Wars Model, Luminara Unduli Model, Barriss Offee Model, Jedi Temple Guard Model and Saber Hilt, Clone Shock Trooper Model, Fives Model, Echo Model, Commander Fox Model, Fordo's Pistol Models.

Raigiku and Krome Studios - Anakin Skywalker Model, Plo Koon Model, SWBF3 Super Battle Droid, Asja Saber Hilts, Scatter Shotgun (Used my OOM-9)

DarthSith - Shaak Ti Model (Deviss had something to do with this as well), custom combo used for Shaak Ti and Abi Gallia.

Kinetosimpetus - BX Commando Droid, Vibro Sword Combo, and BX Rifle Fire sounds.

AceMastermind - Uploaded the Unmunged Kit Fisto Model (The Model itself is stock)

Gogie - Darth Revan Model

OOM-9 - OOM-9 Battle Droid

Needo62 - Duel Pistol Animations (Used by Fordo)

WhiskeyTangoFoxX - DC-17 Blaster Pistol (Used by Arc Troopers)

giftheck - DC-15A Blaster Rifle (Used by Clones)

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