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This is the last content update before leaving Early Access. Get the game now before the price increases.

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Last chance to get the game at its current price! At full release (in the coming months), the game will increase from $14.99 to $19.99. The reason for the price increase is due to the amount of content that's been added to the game since the game was first released into Early Access, mainly the in-game level exchanges, which requires servers to operate.

Wow, guys! It's been 6 years since I started working on The True Slime King, and it's been 4 years since the game has been available for purchase. The game has progressed so much in this time, and I've learned a lot along the way. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who supported the game by buying it during Early Access. You all have provided me with so much motivation to finish this project. I also want to thank everyone who provided feedback on the game during Early Access! Having people care about the game and contribute to it through your ideas or by creating levels for the Level Exchange has been a really cool experience! I've had tons of fun making community level showcase videos for the Slime King YouTube Channel. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the final bit of content that's been added in this update.

Echoing Entrance

Crystal Caves

Mushroom Mantle

Metal Mines

Secret Shadowsphere

Boss Text

Changes and Additions:

  • Added two optional secret paths in the tutorial that allow players to create an immortal game mode profile or a one life game mode profile. Note: Steam achievements can only be unlocked on normal mode (steam achievement stats only work on normal mode as well).
  • Per user request, added back in the hotkey for self-destructing (as a way to quickly restart a level). This hotkey can be rebound in the options menu.
  • Added additional menu options for:
    • Going from story mode level to menu.
    • Going from story mode level to overworld.
  • In home level, added the ability to play any music disks that have been collected.
  • Updated music disk sprites to match the zone/subzone coloring of the rest of the game.
  • Added posters to the boss areas of the overworld. Added darkness, rockslides, and lightning that comes in when in the boss areas of the overworld.
  • Updated the overworld teleporter minimap to fully match the new overworld that has been modified in the last several updates.
  • Added sparkle particles and vertical oscillation to the bonus keys in the overworld.
  • Overworld bonus keys now perform an animation when collected and when used to unlock the bonus key area in the overworld.
  • Improved end goo graphics/animation to be seamless.
  • Added steam stats for the following achievements:
    • Die 10 times.
    • Die 100 times.
    • Die 1000 times.
    • Find a music disk.
    • Find 10 music disks.
    • Find 20 music disks.
    • Find all 30 music disks.
    • Collect all amulets.
    • Beat all Echoing Entrance levels without using extra lives.
    • Beat all Crystal Caves levels without using extra lives.
    • Beat all Mushroom Mantle levels without using extra lives.
    • Beat all Metal Mines levels without using extra lives.
    • Beat all Secret Shadowsphere levels without using extra lives.
    • Beat all levels without using extra lives.
    • Note: The bonus goo collection achievements vary depending on how many amulets the player has collected, so it's not possible to accurately track them via Steam's interface, so they have not been given Steam stats.
  • Added the following cosmetics to the overworld:
    • Echoing Entrance: Abandoned buildings.
    • Crystal Caves: Crystal monoliths.
    • Mushroom Mantle: Abandoned mushroom house.
    • Metal Mines: Metal monoliths.
    • Secret Shadowsphere: Shadow monoliths.
  • Added dialogue before and after boss fights when you haven't yet beaten a boss. Also added darkness, rumbling, and rockfalls to the overworld boss areas when you haven't yet beaten a boss.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with some songs not remembering their track position. This happened with any song that didn't also get played along with an overworld filter version of the song (menu song, quick play song, level editor song, home level song).
  • Fixed issue with overworld pipe system not working when entering from one of the levels at the bottom of the oveworld.
  • Fixed level editor issue with the temporary spawn point not overriding slime king from being spawned at doors.
  • Removed home level achievement display for "Collect all music disks", because that achievement isn't used anymore. The existing achievement "Collect 30 music disks" was renamed to "Collect all 30 music disks".

Known bugs:

  • If "Allow window resizing" is off, resizing the window on the top or left side makes the window move. This seems to be due to how the following GameMaker functions work with windows: window_set_min_width(), window_set_max_width(), window_set_min_height(), window_set_max_height(1).
  • Replays don't display the correct positions when screen shake is applied to the view.
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