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2 new songs and a completely reworked introductory level with more lore!

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If you want to experience the new content yourself, you might want to avoid watching this update video. Instead, you can create a new profile and play through the introductory area until you get to the overworld.

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Changes and Additions:

  • Completely reworked the introductory level with more lore and 2 new songs (Epic Quest and No Crown).
  • Added achievements display area in home level.
  • Added level name display to teleporter minimap.
  • Level editor file browser now defaults to displaying the last saved/loaded file.
  • Switched rotation direction on flicked blocks.
  • Added cosmetic spores that burst from the wall sin the Echoing Entrance overworld area.
  • Added cosmetic bugs that walk around on the walks of the Mushroom Mantle overworld area.
  • Added cosmetic crystals that grow on the walls of the Metal Mines overworld.
  • Made overworld route to lvl_3_2 easier.
  • Improved large buddy block graphics.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with level editor save confirmation popup display text when saving a level with "#" in the name.
  • Fixed issue with level editor resize room cursor being applied when placing/destroying instances.
  • Fixed issue with level editor unsaved changes display not always updating properly between editing and playtesting.
  • Flicked block depth is now in front of foreground tiles.
  • Fixed issue with teleporter minimap graphics sometimes being drawn a pixel off because the coordinates were not being rounded before drawing.
  • Fixed flip flop collision box so that it doesn't have a 1-pixel ledge on the sides.
  • Fixed issue where transitioning between zones would display the wrong subzone for 1 frame.
  • There is now a sound that plays when deleting background tiles and foreground tiles in the Level Editor.
  • Fixed issue with Slime King's graphics: the sprite for down-left-slow and down-left-fast were swapped.
  • Fixed issue where the profile name display could have the incorrect x coordinate sometimes, resulting in the profile name being drawn where it shouldn't be (which could include being drawn off the screen).

Sound effects have been added for the following:

  • Going from level editor playtesting to editing.
  • Opening pause menu in level editor playtest mode.

Known bugs:

  • If "Allow window resizing" is off, resizing the window on the top or left side makes the window move. This seems to be due to how the following GameMaker functions work with windows: window_set_min_width(), window_set_max_width(), window_set_min_height(), window_set_max_height(1).
  • Replays don't display the correct positions when screen shake is applied to the view.
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