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The summer is over, bugs have been fixed, features have been added. Also the server has been wiped and it is needed to create new characters to play again. In the following, the new changelog can be seen.

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The summer is over, bugs have been fixed, features have been added. Also the server has been wiped and it is needed to create new characters to play again.

- Many.

- Repairing cars requires tools and more skill than previously.
- Zooming is now possible by holding the Z key combined with using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or alternatively pressing page up/down.
- ~disbandparty away_team can be used to disband only party members that are outside of your current map (not location).
- Followers will now automatically reload their weapon while they are idle (this assumes they have spare ammo of course).
- Added active Vault City turrets.
- Be sure to visit the arena facility north-west of Hub.
- Having active Stealth Boy in one of active slots gives 60 sneak, while having active motion sensor (in an active slot) gives +2 Perception for the purpose of sneakers detection (it's not capped at 10).
- Get purple robes from the Children of the Cathedral.
- Four new quests (Lorraine in Audytum, Elmer at Necropolis watershed, Iguana Pete at he Hub, BoS Initiate trainer at lost Hills)

- TC base countdown time has been changed to 15 minutes.
- Car prices adjusted, now works in a similar fashion to mercenary prices.
- Car left on the worldmap is visible only to its passengers.
- The travelling speed on the worldmap has been decreased.
- It's a lot easier to avoid encounters while in a car. Outdoorsman is not applied while in a car.
- Namecolorizing works only on players sharing the same faction.
- Picking up items from the ground while sneaked demands successful steal test. The weight is checked.
- Looting bodies while sneaked has 50% chance of desneaking.
- Looting containers and bodies by "take all" always desneaks.
- Sneak penalties based on fov: 135, 95, 55, 15 depending on direction.
- Widened the side drawbridges in Gunrunners stronghold, added antiblock to front drawbridge, guards will loot the bodies now.
- Reworked several drugs:
* Jet: +2 AP, -1 Ch, -2 Str, -15% DR
* Psycho: +15% DR, +1 Str, +1 En, -2 Pe
* Buffout: +2 Str, +2 En, -1 Ag
* Mentats: +2 Int, +2 Ch
* Beer: +5% DR, +1 Ch, -2 Pe
* Nukacola: +1 Ag
* Cigarettes: +1 Pe, -1 Ch
* Positive effects of the above drugs last 30 real minutes, after which time they subside with no negative effects, unless the player gets addicted. The addiction lasts for 1 real hour and reduces AP by 1.
* Only one dose of any addictive drug (or beer) is allowed at a time
- Armor Piercing ammo DT divider reduced from 5 to 3.
- Fast Shot trait works only with weapon modes that have aimed shot capability.
- Weapon changes:
* 10mm Pistol increased to 8-15 damage
* .223 Pistol increased to 25-30 damage
* Assault Rifle increased to 14-23 damage, increased to 12 shots per burst and magazine increased to hold the same number of bursts in normal and extended.
* 7.62mm Ammo increased to 12/10 damage mod
* 10mm JHP DR increased to +27
* FN FAL increased to 14-22 damage
* Combat Shotgun increased to 20-28 damage
* H&K CAWs increased to 6 shots per burst, magazine increased to 18
* Jackhammer increased to 20-31 damage, magazine increased to 15
* 10mm SMG increased to 8-15 damage
* p90c increased to 13-19 damage
* Tommy Gun increased to 12 shots per burst, magazine increased to 60
* Grease Gun increased to 12 shots per burst, magazine increased to 48
* Light Support Weapon increased to 22-37 damage
* Plasma Rifle range increased to 30
* Molotov Cocktail increased to 16-24 damage
* Frag Grenade increased to 5AP and 30-50 damage
* Flamer increased to 50-85 damage
* Improved Flamer increased to 70-125 damage

- Update the game, make sure you receive the new DATs.

- Any questions about GMs activity should be asked using The person operating this email (call him/her The Overseer) has access to all logs containing GM activity (logs are also more detailed now). He/she has been chosen from outside the GM team and his/her identity will remain unknown to anyone but the developers team. This email is now the only proper place for objections and inquiries concerning GMs.
- faction008.dat is deprecated at the time of this update. It can be safely deleted.

- Overhaul of the npc factions: Domination Wars, Factions Scenarios.


Nice, gonna give it another try :D

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