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There have been a lot of things done, on server side, user side and visual side. This was a productive week for me.

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11:54 AM 12/27/2015
ring now ignores character
added health bottles spawning
added mana bottles spawning
patched server for storing potions

10:26 AM 12/26/2015
spell damage concept added
added hit for lighting and xthingy, still not perfect but better then nothing
patched primary server code with new structure to avoid memory corruption
magic ring now smaller and takes height into account preventing ground clipping[prev 0.5]
added additional server sanity checks
increase bias for raycasting to fix lighting bug, when object is too high
first person and third person raycast navigation bugfixes[there was a nasty bug when ray were intersected with primary character causing wrong lightings and many other type of invalid behaviours]
resolver parent fix, otherwise sometimes arrow missed actor

11:19 AM 12/25/2015
magic ring added+added various colors, alpha, rotating symbols
started working on spells base
SubED add color_field that we sent to shader
added linear fading of the ring+timer fading
added suggeestion to deactivate ring when moving
added ring custom color selecting
added simple colored flare
mana usage concept added
mana/health restoration added
move that dest_pos into city, and send that data to spells and arrows, forget our crazy code
flares now randomly sized
move our prepare variable to spells to prevent dual spell usage
massive spell x added
spell bolt of lighting
fixed bug, where we didn't add to big box our trees resulting in wrong things positioned
added mana potion
added cooldown text
added limits to health/mana

2:49 PM 12/24/2015
generalizing code
added ability to draw amount for item in gui
idea to never delete anything at runtime, only after all updates are done!
health/mana/stamina gui added

10:01 AM 12/23/2015
dropped old functions GetCharaFromRemoteIndex
damn it, it seems we forgot to put arrow in our list of external objects, lots of cleaning
fixed no 2 or 2->3 user bug
fast access gui info added
clicking on inventar and fast access now working correctly
added simple cooldown timer
updated imGUI for preparation for progressbar

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