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Due to some errors, we've changed from SFML to RPG Maker XP!

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Heya folks!

Following a recent run in with some wacky errors in SFML, we've decided to change over to the RPG Maker XP engine! I believe the errors were to do with us using the old version of SFML (1.6) instead of the newer version. It would have been possible (and very time consuming) to convert the code over to the newer version of SFML (SFML2) but due to how animation was done, it would have taken a lot of time to restructure the whole thing.

I believe the move over to RPG-XP will greatly benefit the game, as it will be a lot easier to develop for (as a lot of it is already done) so I'll just have to focus on the scripting and we can start developing the story of the game a lot sooner than we thought!

A lot of the time going into it is finding, configuring and modifying scripts for what we believe would benefit the game and there'll be a small test up tomorrow in the downloads section!

Thanks for reading! :)


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