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In this infinitely side-scrolling procedural-generated inertia-driven action game, lead a band of brave white blood cells through a clogged artery. Increase your numbers by eating mitosis chips. Destroy sections of clot with kamikaze cells. Survive four unique regions.

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In late October Vashta Entertainment released our mobile arcade game Cell: Artery Attack. In this game you play as a white blood cell fighting to clear a clogged artery.

This game is heavily inspired by Helicopter and Flappy Bird. As twists, we've added inertia-based motion, 2-D movement, the ability to reproduce, and points for destroy objectives. Okay, so it's a bit more complicated than those games but it's not too difficult to get the hang of.

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Spawn large armies of white blood cells while avoiding artery clog

Tapping on the screen accelerates your cells towards your finger. This game uses inertia and the controls are very sensitive so be careful when you tap. Crashing into clog destroys your cell but also destroys the clog in the process - allowing other cells to pass through. Additional cells spawn when you eat mitosis chips, the spinning circles that spawn occasionally. Orange chips spawn bomber cells who destroy a large area of clog blocks when they collide.

Points can be earned in two ways - by surviving and by destroying clog. Every second, the player is awarded (number of cells)^2 points. 50 points are awarded for each block of clog destroyed. This presents the player with two choices: earn points by building a large army of cells and surviving, or earning points by destroying as much clog as he or she can.

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Cave biomes force players to navigate tight spaces

Every game is procedurally generated. Four "biomes" currently exist - clear, minefield, cave, and towers. Each of these biomes encourages the player to act in a different way.

This game features three leaderboards on Google Play Game Services. Compete with your friends to earn the most points, build the largest army, and destroy the most clog.

This game has been designed for both mobile phones and tablets.

Check it out here and let us know your thoughts and suggestions!

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