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I have just uploaded my mod "Call from Pripyat (CfP)" here at ModDB, which is a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat...I have more mods for this and other games at my own web site. See link in my profile!

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About CfP:
This is my mod that changes game play & game visuals, the Zone is harder and more
hostile but still follows the true story and also gives you some
better RPG features and feeling then vanilla CoP.
Content / Features:
* New starting time, instead of 09.00 you now arrive in Zaton at 21.00
* Actor tweaks
* Actor belong to "Ukrainian Special Services (USS)" and not "Free Stalkers"
* New starting gear
- Headlamp
- Binoculars
- Military Knife
- 1 silencer
- Simple detector
- Identitycard
- Bolts (unlimited)
- Standard issue military overcoat
- 3 RGD grenades
- MP5 with ammo, 9x19 fmj
- Honorary PMm with ammo, 9x18 fmj
- 5 Bandages
- 4 Anti-radiation drugs
- 3 First-aid kit
- 5 Bread Loafs
- 4 Diet sausages
- 3 Tourist's Breakfast cans
- 2 Water cans
- 2 Cossacks Vodka
* Possibility to bind (first person cam), (third person cam) and (free cam) "In-Game"
in - Options/Controls/General
* New "load game" screen
* New PDA map and inventory for wide screen, removed extra boarder that is added for
wide screen
* Slightly transparent inventory
* Minimal HUD
* New binocular HUD
* Dynamic "Helmet" HUD, you can easely remove the HUD and hit effect by installing
"Remove Helmet HUD.exe" loacted in the folder "Optional"
* Sleeping bag & sleeping pills, you need to sleep or you will fall down from
exhaustion where you stand
* Alundaios AI Tweaks (add-on)
* AI Reworked (stalkers & monsters)
* Reworked "game_relations.ltx", many monsters are now hunting each other and the
zombified stalkers are a mindless slaughter machine that hunts everything.
* Colonel Kovalski Fix, fixes the bug that you could get stuck in the movie sequence
* Several game "bug" fixes, like unreachable stashes and more
* Sleeping bloodsuckers "FIX", fix needed when custom footstep sound is used
* Minor artifact tweaks
* Oasis artifact will no longer reduce your hunger but it has better healing ability,
it is highly radioactive as it supposed to be
* Stronger and deadlier anomaly's
* Better graphics, environment/items/some suits/weapons
* New inventory icons
* AtmosFear v2.1 + Fixed Installer (add-on), located in the folder "Optional"
* Nimble's weapons "unique textures"
* Snag's AKSU with a fixed PSO mini-scope
* There is two sets of knifes in the game now, one that is your standard issue
military knife and works just as the vanilla knife. Then there is the hunting knife
that the rest of the stalkers uses, it uses a weapon slot and you can sell them.
* Military knife, Binoculars, PDA and Identitycard will show up in your inventory,
you can't drop or sell them
* Thermite grenades added to the game (Old smoke grenade)
* The VOG-25 grenade uses now the right Icon and Model
* More realistic weapon damage and no iron sight zoom
* Ballistic tweaks
* Iron sight aligned correctly
* Real weapon names
* Gnomus scopes, retextured by Ceano
* New weapon animations
* New weapon sounds
* Weapon sounds and animations synchronized
* All upgrades available after collecting all tool sets
* All upgrades cost 25% more then vanilla
* The Military and Uncle Yar will charge you for repairing your gear in Pripyat,
the Military will give you 50% discount and Uncle Yar 15% discount
* Minor suit tweaks
* Wear Your Helmet (add-on), located in the folder "Optional"
* No weapon restrictions in safe zones
* No lock down when fighting enemy's close to safe zones
* Quest items can be stored in your stash
* Less food and medics in loot
* Less ammo and grenades in loot
* Food and medics stats tweaked
* Food don't restore health
* Bandages just stops bleeding
* Item weights tweaked
* You get paid less for artefact's
* Trader don't buy weapons in poor condition
* The scientist is now buying artefact's
* All traders and Stalkers is paying you less for everything they buy
* Loot money from corpses
* No gifts in your stash after the quest's "friend of stalkers" & "monsterhunter"
* 50% less reward money for completed missions/quests
* Better blood
* Better headlamp
* Crow fix
* Dead body remove time (stalkers & mutants)
* Take off / put on headlamp ("Esc" then "Y" key)
* Drag dead body's and items with ("Shift" + "Use" key)
* No more grenade warning icon on the HUD
* No hit indicator in the HUD
* No more blowout task messages
* Cleared Stash Mod, places a small treasure icon map spot (angrydog)
* Unreachable stash FIX (angrydog)
* Switch Distance (add-on), located in the folder "Optional" (see separate readme)
* Ammo aggregation
* Russian Dialogs & English SubText (add-on), located in the folder "Optional"
(see separate readme)
* Variation Mod (add-on), located in the folder "Optional"
Mod made by: Darkenneko - Texture Fixes by: Ceano
"How different items effect your sleepiness"
Item....................................Sleepiness +/-
Bread Loafs.............................+0.01
Diet sausages...........................+0.015
Tourist's cans..........................+0.02

Cossacks Vodka..........................+0.15
Energy drinks...........................-0.15

Med Kit's...............................+0.05
New spawns in Free Play! (Ceano)
* Mercs will spawn at:
- Key locations in Zaton and Jupiter
* Bandits will spawn at:
- Key locations in Zaton and Jupiter
* Monoliths will spawn at:
- Key locations in Pripyat.
* Freedom and Duty will spawn at:
- Zaton and Pripyat
* Misc monsters will spawn at:
- Key locations in Zaton and Jupiter

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