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A beta patch for cash_out has been released! Contains some visual updates for the mansion level and a new set of class skills!

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Cash_Out Beta 4


Cash_Out beta 4 has been released! This update is fairly small content wise as development was focused, again, visually. Along with that I've added a new set of skills for each class, bringing the total of class skills up to 9 each! This news post will try and detail the bigger changes.


One complaint that I was getting is that I wasn't using enough of the screen space with each room, there was one central prop and a couple minor props. A lot of the rooms were empty due to how rooms were generated. I've changed that, much more props can spawn in the room now, and rooms are less likely to be empty.

In the industrial zone, longer blocks can now spawn!

Along with that, I've changed how blocks and junk spawns, so the industrial and mansion zone no longer spawns the same junk, for example, pillows can now spawn in the mansion zone instead of rocks.


Another complaint I was getting is how the mansion zone is too "busy". With everything the same colour it was hard to tell what was going on. In order to remedy this I've done some work on the mansion level and I think it looks much nicer, and is much friendlier on the eyes!

The mansion level's visuals have been changed, some levels are now lit by window light!


In this patch, a new skill for each class was added, bringing the total amount of class skills up to 9.

STRENGTH -> Aggressive Discharge: For a small amount of time, every time you move in a different direction, a static shock will hurt enemies, the more you move, the stronger the shock.
HEALTH -> Bad Medicine: Spawn a vial of toxins, when thrown it will shatter and enemies covered in the concoction will be confused for some time, dealing damage to themselves when they attack.
STEALTH -> Shadow Shuriken: Spawn three shurikens into your inventory which can be thrown, and do not make any noise when thrown. They can be stored and used for later too!
AIM -> GHOSTLY SHOT: Your shots (and melee attacks) will phase through the material world, allowing you to fire through props to hit enemies.

Using the "ghostly shot" skill, you can attack through props!

MECHANICS -> Distortion Turret: Spawn a distortion turret, any enemy caught in the distortion field will be slowed down, making it easier to kill them.
BALANCE -> Stance of Mirror: Imbue yourself with the properties of a mirror, damage you deal will heal you, damage you take will hurt the enemy.

That's about it for the major changes this patch. like every week, the patch notes will detail the rest of the changes.
PS. If you were working on a mod (congrats on figuring out how to do it), I've changed the lighting system, so the sprites for the wall lights will need to change!
Thanks for reading, and make sure you vote yes on the greenlight!

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