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A beta patch for cash_out has been released! This patch focuses on graphical updates and a new room system for smoother play.

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Cash_Out Beta 3



Cash_Out beta 3 has been released! This update is relatively small, but with two major changes. This news post details the larger changes.

Graphical Updates

I've done some graphical work on the game, as I was getting some feedback that the game kind of looks dreary. I've done a couple things to make the game stand out some more.

Scan-lines and outlines make objects sharper and more easily discernible.

The most obvious change at first is that I've changed the lighting up a small amount. The game is now brighter without compromising the general atmosphere of the game. I've tried to make it more natural looking. Along with that, I've added some filters to make it look sharper, and I've added an outline that is brighter based on how much damage you've dealt lately.

I'm still working on the visuals, but this is a large leap forward in terms of visual appeal in my opinion.


Another issue I was seeing is how easy it was to simply run past enemies, even if doing so would cause major frame-drops. As a result, I think the best thing to remedy this was a new room transition system.

You're now locked into the room until you kill, or take-down every enemy in the room.

In order to prevent simply running past enemies, and having them follow but never catch up, you need to take-down every enemy in the room before you can move on. Don't worry though, that also includes non-lethal takedowns. The game speed shouldn't be affected almost at all, unless you were just running through without attacking enemies.


A lot of the time developing this update was spent on those two changes, but there were other additions as well.

PAUSE MENU -> Due to complaints, I've added a proper pause menu to the game! You can go back to the main menu with it, but keep in mind, the game is fully saved when you finish the raid, so progress will be lost!

NEW ROOM SETS -> I've added some room sets to both the mansion and industrial buildings, as well as changing a few. They should work better now.

Beds can spawn in the mansion buildings, you can throw the pillows at enemies!

ALTERNATE USE -> I've added an "alternate use" option for pickups. Pressing F (by default), pickups work differently.
CLOTHING (Career): Equips the clothing, IF you already have a piece of clothing equipped.
CLOTHING (Not Career): Adds the clothing to your inventory.
ITEM: Automatically uses the item on pickup.
WEAPON: Equips the weapon in your second slot.

That's about it for this patch. In general the game should run much better, but if people are still having frame-rate issues, feel free to post here or on the greenlight page! Thanks!


Ideally, I'd personally like a pacifist / full-stealth run possibility. However, I can see how it'd be difficult to allow that kind of play style while preventing people from simply speeding past enemies. either way, keep up the good work man!

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