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Its cargo truck simulation kind of game. bring stones from mountains into the city.

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I love Euro Truck Simulator and played it a lot on my PC. It’s an awesome game. I searched the same game on play store for my mobile phone, but that wasn’t available in mobile app store so I searched for matching game like the Euro Truck Simulator and I came across Cargo Truck. Frankly speaking the game is not even close to Euro Truck Simulator but is based on the same idea and has some interesting game-play.

Cargo Truck is a truck simulation game and is about bringing stones from mountains to the city. In game your rule is as driver and your duty is to drive a heavy truck loaded with stones from mountains to the city with safety. It’s a child play you may think I thought the same but trust me after playing it my mind is changed and yours will be changed to because you are going to have a very tough time completing Cargo Truck’s levels. In mountains you have to be careful and drive the truck leisurely as the road is rugged and while in city there is traffic and if you stuck into other vehicles you will fail the mission.

Graphic of Cargo Truck game are good as for a mobile game graphics like that are enough for a good game-play. You can expect high detailed graphics from a premium game. Game developers have provided the 2 environments including city and mountains. Both of the environments have their beautification.

There are total 6 levels in Cargo Truck game to play and they are time based. This means you have to complete them in given time. At first only level 1 is available for playing and the other levels are opened gradually upon playing and completing the previous levels. Once a level is opened it stayed opened and can be replayed by the users to sharpen their skills and to beat their own best time.

Along with the graphics and controls, the game-play music is also attractive and soothing for the users.

The truck movement is controlled by the virtual steering wheel located on the bottom left corner of the screen. And to control the speed of the truck there are two button on the bottom right corner of the screen an accelerator and break. And above them a virtual gear is placed by which truck direction can change from moving forward to backward or vice versa.

Cargo Truck is tough but fun playing game and I hope you will spend some good time with it as I did.

Cargo Truck can downloaded from GooglePlay and iTunes

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