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I recently had a chat with the guys over at Lave Radio - the Elite Dangerous Podcast - about making Captain Kaon.

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I recently had a chat with the guys on Lave Radio, the Elite Dangerous Podcast. I talked about making Captain Kaon and my experience as an indie, my time on Total War, and the 5 games I couldn’t live without. You can listen to the podcast here.

I’m still working hard to update and improve Captain Kaon, there have been lots of bug fixes and here are a few of the key things I’ve added in recent updates.

There are now two difficulty modes, Normal and Hardcore. In Normal mode you don’t take impact damage from the surroundings, you have a higher amount of armour on your gunship, and the enemy have a slower rate of fire.

I’ve also made improvements to the controls so the Gunship handles better. I’ve reduced the amount of gravity so that the Gunship floats more and gives you a little bit of extra time to correct an impending crash. I’ve also added an air-brake so you can slow the Gunship to a stop and a flight assist mode that adjusts the rate of rotation to help keep the Gunship on a stable flight.

To help with the challenge of avoiding bullets and living a little bit longer I have improved the strafe. It now applies a pulse of thrust to give the Gunship a sharp sideways jump to get you out of the way of trouble.

I’ve improved the objective indicator on the HUD, it no longer just places a cross hair over the target object. There are several different icons to give an indication of what you are supposed to do with the target, shoot it, pick it up, drop it off, etc.

I'm still working on Captain Kaon and aiming to make it as fun as it can be. If you have any feedback I’d love to hear what you think of Captain Kaon.

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