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In the second episode of my game postmortem I talk about game engines and how to choose one that's right for you. I also talk about why I choose Gamemaker to make Captain Kaon.

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Hey Peeps!

I’m back with the second video in my game postmortem series where I take a look at game engines. If you missed the beginning, the first video was about the importance of game concept and how to develop one, you can check it out here. Or you can go back to the beginning and watch the intro where I talk about how I started in the games industry and then explain what a game postmortem is and why the industry does them.

In this week’s video for my game postmortem series I discuss how I went about choosing the engine for Captain Kaon, which was Gamemaker, and the factors I had to think about. This is an important choice you have to make at the start of a project. If you want to make a game you’re going to need an engine to run it on, and it has to meet the needs of your project. If you get one that doesn’t meet your needs, or can’t adapt to a change in your needs, it can cause your project problems and can sometimes be disastrous (I’m looking at you Duke Nukem Forever).

I explain the three different types of engine, custom, genre-specific, and general purpose, and whether they will be right for you. Each has different pro’s and con’s to consider.

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You can also head over to Steam and check out Captain Kaon, all sales contribute to my food and rent fund which will help me make more videos and develop my next game.

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