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A short video and description of the abilitys and skills used by Tyrus Rathbourne, the Velisian Cannonier.

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Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon is Tyrus's primary method of dealing damage. Tyrus can damage a single unit at medium range with the attack. The fully upgraded attack becomes the Ionised Ray and Tyrus becomes a Cannoneer, a combat orientated unit, able to deal High damage in an Area.


By using Fortify, Tyrus is able to bolster his defences and can take more attacks from enemy units.
Once Fortify is fully upgraded, Tyrus becomes a Guardian and the ability deflects a portion of the damage taken by Tyrus back at the enemy attacker.


Barrage is a long range attack that deals damage to all units in an area as well as reducing their action points for a turn. Fully upgrading the barrage attack turns Tyrus into an Artillerist, capable of causing larger area damage.

Leech Punch

Leech Punch allows Tyrus to inflict damage to a single enemy unit at melee range and recover hit points based on the amount of damage given. Fully upgrading the Leech attack turns Tyrus into a Blood Knight, able to use his cannon's attack to sap enemy hit points at distance.

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Nice animations

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