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The once called Hallucinations Campaign is now finally a Modification, as in, literally a "Mod"!

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Hey Guys!

Its me, DeadHammer from the Cry of Fear Community.

Recently Cry of Fear has gone Stand Alone after the wonderful support from the community. And The meaning of going Stand Alone of Level Designers is that we have full fledged authority to call our Campaigns now Mods!

You will now be seeing the latest updates from Cry of Fear Hallucinations on this page.

If you want to check out the Cry of Fear Community page, you can do so here:


Chapter 1 : The Beginning of the End

Chapter 2 : Inner Feelings

Chapter 3 : Questions Unanswered

Chapter 4 : Revisited

Chapter 5 : I am Alive


Your Name is Alex Walker , and ordinary Sixteen year old student from Crawford living with his father and step mother. The mystery revolves around Alex's real mother, surprisingly being a the descendant of the Nine Rings, and infamous slaughter cult with black magic under its control whose origin dated back into the Medieval times (around 14-1600 AD).Alex's stepmother seems to have taken control over his Father's behaviors and reactions. Nothing seems to be going smooth, and you can't contact the police, as you are trapped in your Own nightmares consulted by his stepmother.Alex's journey begins as he encounters his breath-taking Nightmare which provides a sort of clarification of your upcoming battles."I need to find who the heck this bitch is. She sure isn't any human, neither is she any animal.And how the fuck is she related to my mother?"You later on discover that Alex's stepmother is the 8th member of "The Nine Rings". Your real mother is the 9th member as she refused to continue the generation of these slaughter machines.Its up to you to stop this madness going around with him and his father, as no other people are aware of your anxieties.


1. New weapons
2. Custom sounds
3. New Weapons/items
4. New Textures with normal maps
5. Completely New Animations

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