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CoD:CW is released! Here is a list of all the new features!

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  • Before i start, do note that you have to change the mod's folder from "CoD.CW" to "codcw". This is an issue i admit making. I am sorry.
  • Alright, so CoD:CW is now released. You must be curious about all the new features the mod has? Well, let me list some of them for ya.

  • 1. Customizable teams on maps
  • All maps include a gsc file which can be modified with notepad (or notepad++) to change the teams. A text document having all the teams is also included.
  • Both parts can be found in the 1st iwd file, which can be opened with winrar.
  • 2. Black Ops 2 Medals
  • Thanks to 3aGl3, medals make a first time apperance in CoD:CW. They work just like in Black Ops 2 with slight modification. You get XP from some of them (Like the killstreak ones and rapid kills ones.) and most of them you get regular XP.
  • 3. New weapons, obviously.
  • All guns are replaced with new weapons. There are now 2 launchers (Instead of C4) and pistols with the tac.knife. All weapons use their own attachments (MW3 and BO2 weapons use the MW3 attachments, for some size saving reasons (if you guys want me to use the BO2 attachments instead, let me know), and the Ghosts weapons use the Ghosts attachments (AR's and LMG's use the MW3 Hybrid)) and more.
  • And much more, which you can experience in the game.
  • This is a mod that i am planning on updating a little now and then with new content, modified content, bug fixes and more.
  • Have fun out there!

This mod is going to have moab / nuclear?

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Moka_Akashiya85 Author

As said, no custom killstreaks as of yet.
And all killstreak medals are included, including the Nuclear medal.

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Never played a mod that had voices in my language, choice of weapons was very good, hybrid MW3 think it was a very positive point for the mod, the least I can do and give developers congratulations, each mod and a new game in my opinion .

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