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Information regarding CoD:CW before the release of it.

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  • Hello guys!
  • The plan on releasing CoD:CW this weekend is a go. I am planning on releasing the mod on Sunday as 2 different versions, as i've said before.
  • Now leading up to the release date, every now and then i'm going to reveal one part of the mod that will be featured. The list i'm going to reveal goes as following:
  • Teams (Allied and Axis)
  • Maps
  • Weapons
  • Other
  • Now all of these will be updated on THIS very news article and will be updated a little now and then. Do note that when the next alternative "pops up", the old one is removed, so make sure to keep tabs on the mod page.
  • Third theme. Weapons.
  • There are some neat guns in CoD:CW which i am really sure you guys will LOVE.
  • AR's
  • SA-805 (Ghosts)
  • AK-47 (MW3)
  • M8A1 (BO2)
  • Type 25 (BO2)
  • MTAR (BO2)
  • Remington R5 (Ghosts)
  • FAD (Ghosts)
  • AR's will have the following attachments:
  • Hybrid
  • Red Dot
  • Silencer
  • ACOG
  • SMG's
  • UMP45 (MW3)
  • Vector CRB (Ghosts)
  • PM-9 (MW3)
  • AK5C (MOHWF)
  • MSMC (BO2)
  • Smg's will have the following attachments:
  • Red Dot
  • Silencer
  • ACOG (AK5C will have an ACOG with a red dot.)
  • LMG's
  • Ameli (Ghosts)
  • MK46 (MW3)
  • M60E4 (MW3)
  • LMG's will have the following attachments:
  • Red Dot
  • Silencer
  • Hybrid (Cannot be switched)
  • Shotguns
  • MTS-255 (Ghosts)
  • USAS-12 (MW3)
  • Shotguns will have the following attachments:
  • Red Dot
  • Silencer
  • Snipers
  • DSR-50 (BO2)
  • MK12 SPR (Custom, MW3)
  • Ballista (BO2)
  • L115 (Ghosts)
  • AS50 (MW3)
  • All snipers will have the ACOG as it's attachment.
  • Pistols
  • Five-Seven (MW3)
  • B23R (BO2)
  • KAP-40 (BO2)
  • Executioner (BO2)
  • Skorpion (MW3 anims, CoD4 model)
  • All pistols (Excluding the Executioner and Skorpion) will have the Silencer as it's attachment.
  • Also, you will be able to customize the teams that fight on all the maps (Excluding Nuketown because of issues.) plus the playermodels that are used on the maps. Do note that you can NOT have an axis team fight an axis team and vice-versa.
  • The next info list will be added tomorrow (Saturday)

This version is will have gungame mode?

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Moka_Akashiya85 Author

Gun Game will be shipped with the mod.

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So, the SAS and USMC are back, just from BF2 now...

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still waiting :( :( :(

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