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Which one is preferred, what problems you encountered employing one of them?

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So, what programming language are you more comfortable with? C++ or C#?

What features do you consider as advantages and disadvantages of each of these languages, from your personal experience?

To start with:
Although C++ is very hotly looked for, at least in the video game industry, personally, C++ seems a bit vague - if you mean function names, library/namespace names, etc. Makes the code hard to read w/o any comments. After learning some basics, I gave up to try out C#, which repelled me as a Micro$oft-based/created language. So initially C# seemed unattractive, or 'a language that rather should be avoided', just because of prejudice against Micro$oft.

But as much as I hate Micro$oft, so much does C# feel comfy, its OOP like a crystal, its function/namespace (etc.) naming convention concrete and clear. While in C++ it's hard not to lose oneself in one's own code, working with C# requires ZERO of comments - especially if you name your stuff clearly, you barely get lost (probably never at all, but it still depends on your own naming convention).

So to sum it up: even if C++ could be more successful & desired regarding a professional career, still C# is very cosy and so clear that it'd be a waste not to pursue some humble small indie career. ;-)

So what do you think? What were your problems with both/one of these languages? Which one got rejected by you in the course of time? Or maybe you find use for both of them?


"working with C# requires ZERO of comments - especially if you name your stuff clearly" The same goes for C++ and clearly naming your stuff, no? :P

But I've got to say I felt the same way about C#. Initially I thought "Meh it's Micro$oft, reason enough to avoid the language".. and here I am learning C#. It's a bit less complex than C++ but it is just as powerful. AFAIK C# still only works well with windows, which is of course a downside.

C++ is my 'main'/favorite language so far (I think I'm in the category of 'beginners' so I don't have that much experience yet) but C# is a very worthy second favorite language ;)

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