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Mysterious, homeless, nameless, yet a force to be reckoned with. The rumors are endless concerning the identity of their leader, some say that he is Constantine reincarnated, some say he is a foolhardy General that won't accept the end of his Empire.

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Last remnants of the millennium old Roman Empire, these fierce Rebels will stop at nothing to get their main goal, Corrigia constituo.
Enemies:Ottoman Empire, Latin Empire, Mameluke Sultanate, Mongols
Neutral:Almost everyone else

Major tactical advantages: Good soldiers, Greek fire, Good trade sense.

Okay, as you might have guessed, I'm trying to revive this RP.

Want to join? Comment below, or send me a PM.

French_Fry - - 2,510 comments

I'm staying. I'll serve the Byzantines if you wish.

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templarnordbyzantine Author
templarnordbyzantine - - 544 comments

*In awesome hero-like voice* "Good, the more strong lads we have, the better." :)

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