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A look at the buildings and structures of all four factions!

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Finally, after what feels like ages, the buildings for all 4 factions are done!

While the unit rosters are more diverse and deviate heavily from the vanilla 0 A.D. rosters, the buildigns are generally pretty similar across factions and just fill the building types set by original game. This is mostly so the AI actually knows what it's doing.

As such, every faction has the same structures:

  • Civil Centre (provides territory and trains workers)
  • House (increases population limit)
  • Storehouse (used to deposit resources)
  • Farmstead (used to deposit food)
  • Field (food source)
  • Docks (trains naval units)
  • Barracks (trains infantry)
  • Stables (trains cavalry)
  • Forge (upgrades units)
  • Market (used to trade resources)
  • Temple (trains healers and wizards)
  • Monument (buffs nearby units)
  • Arsenal (trains siege units)
  • Elephant Stable (trains monsters)
  • Special Building (trains various other units based on the faction)
  • Towers and Walls (defensive structures)
  • Fortress (defensive structure, trains heroes)

(Wonders are still missing but also be added eventually)

That said, they still have strong visual differences and some factions do vary in terms of which buildings they can make and which types of units are trained in which structure.

Empire of Man

The Empire is pretty standard, mostly just setting the example for the other factions to follow. They are based on the timber framed houses common throughout Germany, since it's the Holy Roman Empire and all.


The Dwarfs deviate a bit from the standard. Since they don't have cavalry, they lack Stables. They can also only posess a single Civil Centre at a time and need to build Military Colonies instead to expand (functuonally this doesn't make much of a difference as of now). They all look like little fortresses of their own.

Orcs and Goblins

The Greenskins are also fairly standard, though they lack a Special Building as all their units are housed in the regular buildings. They have the classic ramshackle look seen throughout fantasy media.

Vampire Counts

The Vampire Counts, like the Empire, are also fairly standard. They of course go for a gloomy gothic look for all their structures.

(I hope these images are comprehensive, I struggled how to best fit all buildings for one faction in the same shot)

As said in the last post, there's still many little thing left to fix all over the place (technologies, auras, unit portraits and descriptions, the broken diplomacy screen), so I don't know when everthing will be done or when I will post the next news update. That said, next up will probably be a spotlight on the various heroes for each faction.

See you then!

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