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I've created a few videos showcasing the pathfinding and the base building menu.

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The base building menu is already working, a few sound effects are still missing, but overall, this is how I imagined it. I've created a short video, which shows, what you can do in a town, (except for the unit building, which I'm planning to implement soon.)

The pathfinding also works, I'm currently working with a modified simple A-Star pathfinding, which - at least yet - didn't cause any performance problems.

The pathfinding will also include some minor changes, such as the swamp territories will take more movement points, like in similar turn-based strategies.

I've also started implementing resource management.

Currently, there are 7 different resources, I wanted to create some resouces, that fit the XIX-century, victorian environment better:

Gold01Gold will be the most common currency in buying units and artefacts.

Wood01Wood will be used to create buildings, ships and some siege weapons. It can also be transformed into coal.

Mana01Mana will be used to create magic units and to use spells. Magic is not that important in the games world, and many towns will not use any magic, still, it can be an important trading currency.

Metal01Iron is extremely important for technology-based towns, but it can also be used to build certain buildings.

Oil01Oil is a special resource, which can be used for certain potions, but also for certain technologies.

Salt01Salt is an expensive spice, and it can be used to protect from magic and radiation.

Coal01Coal is an important resource, when it comes to travel, especially with steam ships and trains.

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