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Looking for some team members to help with the mod.

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I am looking for some people experienced with 3D modelling and modding Total War: Attila. I am in the very early stages of development with AGOIAF. I have the base DBs finished and I have a working version that I am adding houses to pretty much every day. I am looking for people who can help me with UI, Unit Cards (AOC Style), and most importantly 3D modelling.

I am able to create basic items and I also make the custom general heads. I can do fixes here and there but I need help in creating as detailed as possible armours for the houses. Once the working version I have is completed I will release and then start focusing on finding people who can help creating custom buildings and maps in order to create both scripted and unscripted Scenario Battles such as Battle of the Bastards, Attack on King's Landing, etc

If you think that you are able to help me please send me a private message and we can talk. All people who decide to join the team will be added to the Development Team that I have set up and will get all the credit for everything they create.

Hope to hear from people soon.


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