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There is a lot done in terms of gameplay balance in this version. Archer works a bit differently (slight tweaks to Knight & Builder). Catapult is more of a siege weapon. Outposts should be easier to capture. Check it out!

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Lots of changes in the new version. A brief explanation:
There is a lot done in terms of gameplay balance in this version. Please see the changelog for details.

  • Archer works a bit differently (slight tweaks to Knight & Builder)
  • Catapult is different
  • Outposts should be easier to capture

New block added: Gold Bullion

Used for storing gold. This feature is temporary so it might be removed once I add gold (and other materials) being dropped as items.

New block added: Drawbridge

This bridge block works similarly to doors but the other way around. Team members can freely walk on it but if an enemy steps on it, the whole bridge retracts. It is fragile though so you will have to think carefully how to use it for traps and such.

To prevent matches that last 1 minute and that are no fun I introduce a 2.5 minute warmup time before the match starts. In this time you cannot go past a red barrier in the middle of the map. You also can't build catapults and outposts. On the other hand you get free 100 stone & wood in the tent at this time, so this is ideal to put up a nice defense. This makes the game much more interesting when there is something to attack when the game has started. The match countdown starts by default when there are 3 players on each team (modifiable in Rules/CTF/gamemode.cfg)

Changes build 71-80:

- fixed network map load memory leak
- fixed more network memory usage
- changed camera so it is less sensitive close to player
- fixed auto_bots spamming lots of bots
- added archer bow & catapult progress bar
- "friendlydamage_modifier" in gamemode.cfg works as it should (multiplies friendly damage)
- remade arrow damage
* the faster the arrow the more damage it inflicts
* max velocity arrow always kills (unshielded)
- added half second draw arrow time for archer (jumping is suppressed while drawing)
- fixed arrow hits not registering against wall
- knight shield goes down after powerful hit (fast arrow, explosion)
- fixed random disconnecting on map restart
- fixed spawning on enemy respawn
- auto team balance shuffles only new players
- auto team balance doesn't allow to change teams if teams are unbalanced
- modified no vote time to 5 minutes
- empty servers are kept alive on master
- gold is at least 7 blocks underground
- minimum_players_inteam set to 3
- warmup/break time (increased to 2.5 minutes)
- can't build outpost or catapult until match started
- barrier set (at 1/3 to 2/3) of the map until match started
- tent has automatically placed bedrock beneath
- fixed outpost capturing bugs
- more rock parts/debris to pick up after collapse (and they stay longer)
- new wooden parts after destroyed wood structures (pickable)
- builder can't give materials to knight or archer (only bombs and arrows)
- fixed scroll lock in chat box
- bomb block damage is based on distance (the farther the less damage)
- outposts and catapults slowly regenrate damage
- fixed background castle destruction exploit
- added gold bulion block [temporary]
- knight jump velocity is same as other classes
- rearranged block menu so castle wall and ladder are closest to mouse
- removed pilar castle background wall change
- added drawbridge
- arrows can destroy catapults and outposts
- new team emblems
- fixed crash on outpost destruction
- fixed spike stone collecting exploit
- resupply happens automatically on team tent (every 10 secs)
- during warm up time builder gets 100 wood and 100 stone in tent [temporary]
- player labels are a bit higher
- fixed knight gore machine bug
- fixed catapult creation displacement
- door requires just 40 wood now
- scoreboard sorted by kills instead of deaths
- map is restarted on server after 1 minute of being empty and only after match has started
- archer can't collect arrows while charging bow
- archer can't jump with fully charged bow
- remade catapults to work more as close siege weapons
* cost half (120 wood)
* deal twice more damage
* range is smaller (1 screen)
* arrows damage
- captured outpost restores health
- respawning on outpost being captured take 2 times longer
- builder jump smaller down when placing blocks

- fixed outpost not resupplying on change class
- fixed castle background not depleting materials when placed on ladder
- castle blocks placed on castle background can't be placed if nothing below


Wow ... that games rocks and I love the mint graphics <3

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This game is really awesome :) though a bit chaos if u just got into game as newb

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Just downloaded it and played it for about 1 hour.
Great game, lots of potential :D

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Michal.Marcinkowski Author

Hey, the graphics are stylized to look like a SNES game. Hence the pixels. If it were to look nicer we'd probably redraw the game.

Also, you can zoom-out using mouse scroll.

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i really like the idea of this game but its kinda messy with the graphics and think you should redraw the game it would look cooler with units that look like real people and stuff.
awesome game thou

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Can you please put a download file WITHOUT an installer or like a ready-to-play files? I'm using a non-admin account on Windows 7, so I just want it wihout having to have admin rights.

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I liked it but it has some issues, the fact that the swordsman doesnt take any damage or push back at all when he puts up his shield makes it near impossible to get past a small narrow path, example is say enemy builders a digging through the mountain one swordsman could stay in the middle therefore making the builders unharmable until they have broken into your base.So my suggestion is to make the shield either take knockback when getting hit, or to make the shield just reduce the damage you take.

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