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Build 2046. Beta Edition 5.30 - History, credits and hardware requirements.

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5.30 (5.30 Final):
- Redux files.

5.30 B3:
- Bugfix.

5.30 B2:
- New models. New files in "Construction Kit (Optional)".

5.30 B1:
- New models. New files in "Repository".
- "Repository" -> "Construction Kit (Optional)".
- Bugfix.

5.30 A8:
- Bugfix.
- New Alyx.
- New files in "Repository".

5.30 A7:
- Bugfix.
- Optimization.

5.30 A6:
- Bugfix.
- Deteil.
- DirectX 10 (work by anime-stalker03).
- New map.

5.30 A5:
- Optimization.
- Bugfix.
- New models.
- "Episode 7: Cave", new map (Work in Progress).

5.30 A4:
- Deteil.
- New effects.

5.30 A3:
- New textures.
- New maps.
- New effects.

5.30 A2:
- Optimization.

5.30 A1:
- Bugfix.
- Coast and canals sequence improved and back to daylight.
- Optimization.
- New platform.

5.10 - Hotfix:
- Fix loading (dteam_coast_02).
- Fix setting in mode.
- Fix skill.

- Removed politically incorrect and offensive graffiti, posters and Easter eggs.
- Changed the details on some maps.
-Added new detail elements and changed some old ones.
-Changed ambient music on some maps.
- New models of APC and a helicopter.
-New textures.
- Original HL2 Soundtrack (For those who didn’t like Cinematic Mod Soundtrack).
- New chapters/episodes ("Episode 1: Intro (Demo)" and "Episode 8a: The Monastery").
- New shader model.
-Now game is forced to run by default on 4 threads (this will allow us to reach more stable frame rate on some quad (or more) processors, but this would complicate the work on dual-core processors).
- 13 new main menu backgrounds.
- Various bugfixes.
**A possible solution to the problem with low FPS: You have to die on the map and then load quicksave. In some cases, it significantly increases FPS, during a subsequent playthrough.
- Pre-processed AO.
- Integrated Source Shader Editor 0.5 for enhanced post processing and lighting.

Hardware requirements:
- DX9 capable graphics hardware with minimum 512 MB VRAM (1 GB recommended).
- 2 GB RAM (3 GB recommended).
- Quad Core processor.
- Hard Drive: 24 GB HD space.

- D-team: Demon667 (Leader, mapping, texturing), Shito Warkami (Coding, porting, modelling, texturing).
- And: Z-o-m-b-i-e (Models), Kravchenko91 (Models), Slavik789 (Sounds), FakeFactory (Materials, models, sounds and music), vovka-zoz (porting, Models), anime-stalker03 (Models), NaysteR25 (effects), J.Barnes (Materials), Max937 (Materials), Donald ("The Thing"), Darken217 (effects), Light Kill (?), LexxoR (Models), Psilocibinum (Prefabs), ShoTGuNGuY49 (models), anime-stalker03 (testing, mapping), Romka64 (mapping), hgrunt (vertigo maps (base)), unI3ind (traptown).










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