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Thanks to you, awesome player, we get some feedback and bug report from the Blocks That Matter Tech Demo last week. So here is the update we made for this week, trying to address some issues :]

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Hi everybody!

Just few words to say that we put an update to the playable Blocks That Matter 'Tech Demo' we released last week.The version number is (well, if you download it from IndieDB 'cause I'm dumb).Here are the links:

Thanks to all of you who helped us a lot during this week!As a reminder for the people who want to test:The demo should works on Windows, Mac and Linux but remember it’s a tech demo. If you’ve got problem to run the game, read the README.txt first than please send us an e-mail (or comment/tweet/poke)explaining WHAT happens and WHEN it happens:

There are some bug fixes and some new features in this version. Here is the complete change log:


    • Gamepad instruction in dialogs while using keyboard
    • Font scale is sometimes wrong (on the material hub)
    • Red screen when pressing '1&' keyboard key
    • Pressing space during cinematics pause the cinematics without showing the pause menu
    • New 'BTM_DBG_launcher_os' launchers to help determine if those launchers are better than the 'BTM_launcher_os' ones
    • Better gamepad detection, the old one was causing some crashes (black screen, then return to desktop crash)
    • Weird blocks behaviors in the Bonus menu (between the last 2 blocks)
    • Some typo fixes


    • Better menu keyboard binding (Enter to select, Escape to Return or Quit)
    • Up keyboard arrow can be sue to jump (duplicated binding)
    • WIP (well, very WIP) keyboard and gamepad ingame configurators (from the Options menu)
    • Volume mutted when the game doen't have the focus
    • Max volume can be tweaked in the Options menu
    • Max framerate option (only tweakable from the config/DisplayOptions.xml for now)
    • Saves slots can be used (switchable from the main menu with Gamepad Xbox (X) and keyboard [F])
    • Ennemies now stop moving when the camera is showing something to the player
    • Falling / sliding blocks are now repositionned when entering puzzle mode so that they are aligned with grid
    • The game can be played in french version if the OS is in french. (tweak the config/DisplayOptions.xml' '' line and put the guess value to "0" if you want to play in english)


We don't forget some pending bugs like:

    • In very particular cases, some weird behavior when a sand block falls on Tetrobot
    • After a drill repulse, Tetrobot somethimes keeps the jump animation (instead of the walk animation)
    • The 'from the left' drill repulse particules are sometimes drawn over the blocks (when the camera bounds are reached)
    • No sound on Windows 7 x64 with Realtek 5.1
    • SIGSEGV on Ubuntu 64bit, OpenJDK and the new graphics driver (probably a driver issue)
    • Debian32: no texts at all!
    • Artifacts on some texts on MacOs
    • sometimes (when navigating very fast in menus) music track goes into a very short loop
    • Ubuntu with gamepad does'nt prevent the OS to lock the session... causing some trouble (display freeze, and the need to restart server X by hand)
    • A GPU seems to heat too much (maybe the framerate limitation option in config/DisplayOptions.xml could help)
    • Typos


This version is available since few days, and some incredible people already reports us some stuff!

Here is a little list:

    • Some typos in the french texts (yayz). Don't worry about that, we will make a deeper rereading of the whole french text to ensure that all is ok
    • The (very WIP) gamepad wizard gets some trouble detecting some axis (on not so well calibrated gamepad)
    • The (very WIP) gamepad and keyboard wizards don't present the action (jump, drill...) but the Xbox button (A, X, ...)

We want to deeply thanks all of you who are helping us a lot improving the PC experience of Blocks That Matter!

You are Tetrawesome!

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