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Time is relative...Auntie Clock...Grandpa Hourglass...anyway, the review for Singularity, the game that almost made me have serious fun. Almost.

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Singularity is one of those games that has tons of potential. In fact, as soon as the game starts off, you can't shake the feeling that things are going to get Gordon Freeman Style, aka, complete badass strider mind rape epicness. But, Singularity does not completely live up to it's full potential.

You start off in a helicopter that has its side doors open to provide a dangerous and pretty view of a mysterious island. Seatbelts on? Anyway, it turns out Russian scientists have been working on the island they named: Katorga-12. However, things go horrible wrong (SHOCKER!), and an event so terrible takes place, and it can be only called: The Singularity. The games presentation is pretty damn good, and early on things are very engaging. Fun and at times scary, not to mention it reminds me of Half-Life 2 and Bioshock, which actually isn't a bad thing. You crash land Bioshock style, and get a special device kinda like hte Gravity Gun. This device is the focus of the game, the name: TMD or, Time Manipulation Device. Throughout the game, it seems more and more evident that the island residents have become freakish monsters reminiscent of Dead Space, and your first reaction will be: " OMG! Monsters! Let us shoot them in the face real good."

Throughout the game, things tend to slow down, and eventually fall into the accursed pool of repetitiveness. Enemies become very predictable and the story becomes so as well. Much like previous Raven games such as Wolfenstein, Singularity is slightly better. Just slightly. The TMD, although interesting in theory, is a huge letdown. Although you can turn enemies to dust, you will rely on the more generic weapons for most of the game. The TMD could have been wild fun, but unfortunate gameplay decisions made it just that, unfortunate.

Overall, I had great fun blasting my way through the campaign, but sadly this is one of those games that has a good singleplayer, but has a multiplayer that isn't even really needed. So, Singularity has a ton of potential, but ends up like feeling like any old generic shooter.

A 3 out of 5.

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