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The 11th game in the series. Nintendo took a leap of faith once again...and fell pretty damn hard.

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I am a Metroid fan. I loved Super Metroid. I loved Metroid Fusion. I don't love this one.

"Finally, finally it's here!" I said. But holy friggin crap it sucks for so many reasons that didn't need to exist in the first place.

My first gripe is the story. Sure, the conspiracy aspects kick ass, but most of the time Samus (the main character) is a whiny little she-tool. All she complains about is her unnaturally large number of insecurities. Such a female japanese stereotype. Her personality is nothing like the other Metroid games. In the GOOD ones, she is a badass that shoots anything in the face that says: RAR! ME IS ALIEN!
In Other M, she mopes of Adam whatshisface in run-on monologue. She sounds less like the most kick ass bounty hunter in history and more like my 12 year old cousin that can't get over a break up that happened a year ago. At the beginning of the game, Samus doesn't have any of her special power-ups. No, not because she didn't attain them yet, but she wants to see if Adam says it's okay to use them.

To the gameplay. All I can say is that it is pretty mediocre. The third person action is ok, but the damn auto-aim ruins it completely. I didn't want to shoot the pretty flower I wanted to kill the damn alien. First person mode is the only way to shoot missiles and scan objects, and even then you can't move until you switch back to third person mode. This is extremely annoying during boss battles, which most of the time don't give you enough time to switch between the two fighting modes.

Do not fret! Get low on health, and all you need to do is hold the A button and health and missiles refill. Yep, Samus gets more explosive firepower by thinking very hard, which I find hard to belive seeing as she is now a stereotypical dumb blonde. This is exactly what I hate about so many games. No difficulty, YOU CAN"T DIE!

There are many bad decisions that didn't need to be made. Sorry Nintendo, but your leap of faith with Team Ninja wasn't very well thought out. A 1 out of 5.

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Gameplay was fun enough.

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