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Here is the final release of Brutal Pico Race, 3 new tracks, ingame music, you can now die ! and more ...

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I’m happy to share with you the final Brutal Pico Race update. This version contains 3 more tracks, the tricky ones ;), a persistent time board, in game music (2 channels for music and the last 2 for sound fx). I also change the ship name, to be less “engineer code” name, but something easier to remember…

But most of all, you can now die ! as the other ships… Here is a gameplay video that show the lasts new features :

On my side, Brutal Pico Race was a 5 month adventure, I've learn a lot about old school programming and designing a complete game, even if it is a short one. I’m happy to share it with you and I hope you'll have some fun with it ;)

Download here

BBS lexaloffle officiel

As Pico8 doesn't allow a lot of ingame helps, here are some tricks :



  • Be careful with boost activation, before entering a turn is not always a good idea
  • Health affect how often boost can be activated
  • You can gain some speed by using riding on the half pipe in the turns
  • Collision affect health and speed, so be careful you can’t repair your ship in race and try not to touch other ship to maximize your speed

My bests race time, with normal grade ship named AURA

My records, in hard !

Have Fun

Damien Hostin (aka YouryKiKi)

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