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Brutal Nature 0.55 released with Binoculars, New avatar and rebalanced damage!

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Brutal Nature 0.55 released with Binoculars, New avatar and rebalanced damage!

Download Brutal Nature today for free and give it a try!

Brutal Nature 0.55

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  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added binoculars.
  • Added new avatar: Michael.
  • Added more feedback messages to wiring mode.
  • Added per NPC death/hurt sound effect settings.
  • Added unique sound for chat vs other console messages.
  • Added viewing range reduction when low video ram is detected and flushing chunks past the viewing range does not free sufficient memory.
  • Added viewing range reduction when x32 build is running low on memory.
  • Added 'Default Console Display Time' to Brutal Nature.cfg
  • Added 4 sulfuric acid to input for Gunpowder recipe.
  • Increased Console message default time to 20 seconds.
  • Increased damage multiplier of all ammo types.
  • Increased armor penetration of JSP, FMJ and AP ammo.
  • Increased Black Bear Piercing Armor by 100%
  • Increased Grizzly Bear Piercing Armor by 100%
  • Increased Grizzly Bear Blunt Armor by 100%
  • Increased Spider Piercing Armor by 150%
  • Increased wood used for cellulose recipe by 100%
  • Increased cellulose requirements for gunpowder by 100%
  • Improved logging code to detect writing failure and reopen the log file.
  • Rebalanced heat for Covellite recipes.
  • Changed Soda Glass recipe to Glass to be more consistent.
  • Changed Server to save map data immediately after a new map is generated.
  • Fixed crash bug when treasure chests where filled with invalid object.
  • Fixed bug in tabs menu control.
  • Fixed date in log to have January be the first month.
  • Fixed bug where being disconnected from announce server while in certain menus could cause the menu to not properly be removed.
  • Fixed bug with touchscreens where pressing the touchscreen in game could cause loss of performance.
  • Fixed bug where server could lock up while looking for a place to spawn a NPC right after a player joined.
  • Fixed potential issue with GetCursorPos on the x32 build.
  • Fixed bug where tunnel generation was not listening to settings.
  • Fixed typo in weapon types.
  • Fixed subtitles displaying all at once when multiple quest audio segments where queued.
  • Fixed rounding in amount selection boxes to match rest of game.
  • Fixed bug where items that required 1 of something might not be satisfied due to floating point error.
  • Fixed ctrl/shift click for materials in the barter and trade menus.
  • Fixed bug where server would attempt to generate maps when Map Import Scale was set to insane values that would lock up the server.
  • Fixed bug where players could bury other players.
  • Fixed bug where NPC's killed by script who had armor where not dying.
  • Fixed bug in wiring mode that could crash x64 client.
Mr.Zz - - 133 comments

Hey guys, this looks like an interesting project, especially building everything from scratch - but there's one thing I noticed: on the first screenshot of the news-post the scale of the environment textures (expecially the grass and daisies) seem a bit too big in comparison to the person. maybe that's an easy fix - just to rescale things a bit. This would improve realism quite some bit ;)

Besides that things look very interesting! Keep up your work!


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BlackMoons Author
BlackMoons - - 121 comments

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into that.

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